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Loving With Passion Surpasses All


Loving With Passion Surpasses All
Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you.’ ― Erich Fromm


There’s no denying that for centuries together, nothing has captivated mankind more than the concept of love. While science has been able to solve most of the world’s mysteries and puzzles, yet it remains unsuccessful in explaining the mystery of love.

Neither can mathematics predict when it’s going to happen nor can the best of poets and writers describe it fully despite wrestling with millions of words. The question that now inevitably arises is: Is love all about genuine affection or simply passion at its height? One never really knows.

No human being or living being for that matter, can survive without love. Even though at any particular moment, we may seem far away from it, yet none of us ever stop hoping that the next chance to find love is just round the corner.

It has always been mankind’s ultimate frustration to be unable to preserve love forever. It’s always slipping like sand between our fingers, no matter how tight the grip is. Since love generates from within us, there’s no way to manufacture it artificially.

You can’t trade or buy it either. And it certainly can’t be forced or controlled. Finding true and unconditional love, however, is possible when you consider the following:

Always Reveal the True Self

Vulnerability and passion go hand in hand. When you actually and truly open your heart to someone else, only to be reciprocated in the same way, you can safely say that your affection has been worth it. If not, that rejection can be an excruciatingly painful experience because showing genuine passion for another person surely lifts us to great heights.

The rejection from the other side, makes us drop to the mountain base with a deafening and most painful thud. Moreover, there’s no room for shamming when love is concerned. And that’s a universal truth.

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True Passion Reveals the Need for Unconditional Love

Many of us are desperate to be loved and do feel the enormous weight when we try earning it. The famous actress Marilyn Monroe, when asked what she wanted in life most promptly replied, “To be loved only.”

Many of us on the other hand, mistake simple affection for love. Moreover, the harder one tries to find love, the more elusive it gets. Most of us think that once Cupid strikes, passion and extreme intimacy will explode in our lives, making it smoother, more fulfilling and passionate.

Alas, that is not so. It’s only when we unconditionally open up our lives and hearts to others that acceptance from the other side happens. In other words, it’s all about value and truth; acceptance and vulnerability; finding peace and wholeness; confidence and hope.

Self-Interest Complicates True Love

Too much self-motivation and self-interest are deterrents to finding the right person to share your passion with. When we seek to protect and promote ourselves more rather than being unconditionally selfless, the relationship doesn’t really work, not at least in the long run.

A relationship that measures individual benefits first is no relationship. Rather, where no selflessness and mutual caring are given top priority, a genuine relationship is bound to be forged. There’s no finding or experiencing true love in this world alone.


All said and done, every human being is struggling to be loved, to be known fully and to be accepted by all. It is for us, therefore, to follow the basic principles and ethics to show our love to others without pretenses.

Remember, it’s only when you show genuine passion unselfishly that you get affection in return. As the celebrated poet Ezra Pound summed it up so beautifully: “Love is lovely, let it grow.” There’s no bigger truth than that.


Written By: Biproarshi Guha



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