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Mahima, Daily Wage Laborer Fought Successfully And Won The Battle For Equal Wages For Her Fellow Workers And Herself


Mahima struggled in order to earn sufficient to feed and take care of her hungry children. In the present scenario, she is a perfect model of large change in her own community in a successful manner. In Ambedkar Nagar, she belongs to a small village. It is to be remembered that she is the sole bread winner for a happy family of just four members. With wholeheartedly and tirelessly, she works as a daily wage laborer, working hard through the day hours plus largely struggling in order to cope with the exhaustion and heat feature of her work.

Mahima, Daily Wage Laborer Fought Successfully And Won The Battle For Equal Wages For Her Fellow Workers And Herself
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Mahima Despised Wage Disparity Among Men And Women

Mahima is always readily available to work but is only able to earn Rs. 75 on certain days and nothing on other days. Whenever there is work, she indulges on weekdays and weekends plus public holidays to earn a living with much dedication and commitment that is perfectly blended with her hard work.  She hated wage disparity among men and women workers in the society. It is to be highly noted that men who do the similar work as her, with the same amount of effort, for the same amount of time, were being actually paid twice as much. On the other hand, even indulging in a late night shift didn’t result in a better pay. This particular situation, circumstance and condition of disparity in wage largely bothered her very deeply.

Mahima’s Efforts To Stop Gender Discrimination

Mahima is known among her employers as a hard working lady who has good leadership qualities. Whenever there is work in the village and its surrounding localities, she is offered work by her employers. She dislikes gender discrimination in the work atmosphere and its work culture. While speaking to the press, Mahima mention that she used to work till late night on certain days, her daughter used to visit the field just requesting for dinner. She is always in a dilemma between her job that is the need of the hour and children hunger that need to be fulfilled each day.

Mahima’s Efforts To Stop Gender Discrimination
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Mahima’s Attempts Benefited Women’s at Large

It was just during this hard time that Mahima largely heard regarding Samanta which is a special project run under Plan India that largely aimed in order to tackle the problems of wage disparity plus gender discrimination in the work place. She immediately joined with great interest in the women’s collective where she wholeheartedly spoke regarding her minor and major problems and realized that she wasn’t the one and only one undergoing all these sufferings. She also became part and parcel of her native’s Community-based Vigilance Group with lot of perfection.

In this manner, Mahima got a perfect platform where she could rightly raise her major and minor concerns and properly confront her employer in a successful manner along with the rest of the women.  She started understanding the rules and regulations implemented by the the Department of Labour and Employment across the nation. She had the opportunity to interact with other senior women and members of Plan India and Community-based Vigilance Group.


Her native employers were not ready to discuss on any work related issues with her or her group. Later, a member of the department of Labour and Employment accompanied her group plus counseled her native employer regarding workplace laws, the Minimum Wage Act and equal remuneration. At last, after many such meetings, the native employer agreed in a wholehearted manner to pay equal wage.  In this manner, Mahima and the other hard working women began aptly receiving same wages as the men got for their work. Mahima is an eye opener for working women’s of India. Her efforts have paid her and others in a useful manner.


Written By: Sanjay Kumar Patra


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