Make A Ton Of Mistakes While You Can


Make A Ton Of Mistakes While You Can
“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


Make mistakes. Yes, you heard that right the first time. Make them as many as you wish to. Mistakes are not a taboo, even if you have been told so. Unlearn that idea, let go of the hatred towards your faults, embrace who you are.

We all have and will continue to make mistakes in life. But life is wonderful and it hands out beautiful second chances that are to be used as opportunities to be a better person each day.

You are evolving my dear and you shall make right and wrong decisions. You will be held responsible but you should not judge, criticize and hate yourself for that. You are a human made out of flesh and blood. You are not God so cut yourself some slack the next time you brood over your mistake because that isn’t going to take it all away.

Here we point out a number of ways in which you should forgive yourself and move on:

You are Free to Do Trial and Error

Yes, that is what life is for. It is a gift where you try out new things and change as a person every day. Now even if you are the most effective person on earth, it is highly doubtful that you will be perfect. Life is not perfect so all of your actions can’t be either. So forgive yourself.

Learn from your mistakes. You are a free bird. Pat yourself on the back and get up and walk out of the shame because there is no reason you should lament and guilt trip. This is your life and you have already realized and owned up to your mistake.

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Be A Better Human Being

Every mistake teaches you something about yourself. Admit to the wrong you have committed and snap out of it. You will not be doing any good for yourself or for someone you have wronged, if you sit and cry for hours about it.

Rather store up that energy to transform yourself into a more peaceful and calculative person. Have faith in your character and try to be better the next morning. You are special and you have the power to change.

Get Up and Try Again

Do not think on the lines that you have upset or disappointed someone, be it your friends or family. You are only answerable and accountable to yourself. If you have failed at getting something, you can always try once more, twice more, thrice more… actually ‘n’ number of times.

There is no time frame, age is just a number. Do not over react to the situation and feel like the world will end. No, it won’t. You won’t lose anything major and tomorrow you are going to be perfectly okay. Go for it again my child.

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You can always Fix a Mistake

While reading this point maybe you are already saying No, I can’t. It is fresh in your mind and so it looks like a monster above your head you cannot get rid of. But trust me there are more than a hundred ways in which it can be fixed, you can be fixed.

If you cannot stop contemplating the harm you have caused, use it for a purpose rather than wasting energy. Find out creative ways in which you can turn it around. Look for opportunities to be or do better.


So the next time someone points a finger at you, remember their life is filled with mistakes too. This time it is YOUR mistake. Only you should be trying to figure things out. Nobody else’s opinion matters. Let them see you the way they want. It won’t change you even a little bit.

Stand up and go for the win and do not let your mistakes build a negative character inside your head. Love yourself for the good and the bad that you are and will be and you will see the world change around you.


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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