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Make Happiness with What You Have, Instead of Crying for What You Have Already Lost


Make Happiness with What You Have, Instead of Crying for What You Have Already Lost
“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” ― Charles Spurgeon


In a world obsessed with the idea of materialistic things to justify whether one is truly happy or not, there are very few souls that actually know the meaning of true happiness. I know it is but quite a sad thing right now that we of all, are also moving forward in the same direction and there seems to be absolutely no end to it.

However, things are not all bleak as they seem to be and there is always room for that extra happiness if you are ready to listen to the thoughts I am going to share.

Make Happiness, Not Cry for it

Happiness truly resides in the heart of an individual. Most of us believe that once we are successful, rich or beautiful, we will achieve happiness in our lives. However, what we fail to observe is that no matter how successful, rich or beautiful a person is, unless and until he/she is utterly satisfied with their lives, there is no way out in which he/she can experience true bliss. The heart always longs for more, you know!

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We Become what We Make of Ourselves

If you are looking for happiness in your life, all I can suggest is to start enjoying life as it is given to you. Expect nothing more and try to love yourself in ways that will always put a broad smile on your face.

Never fail to see the positive in every situation and make sure whatever you do makes a difference in your life and in others as well. Live to the fullest and watch your life fall into place. Experience pure bliss and happiness all throughout!


Written By: Monika Nag



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