MD. Kawsar Hossain, the Super-Dad who fought against Physical Challenge and Poverty to buy a Dress for his Daughter


Story of MD. Kawsar Hossain, who spent 2 years begging on the streets just to see a smile on his daughter’s face. (Image Source)


What’s the most precious thing you can save up to buy?

Today, people toil relentlessly and save tons of cash to buy cars, apartments, jewellery and expensive gifts for those they love and cherish beyond measure. But, have you ever heard of someone who spends Two whole years saving the meagre amount of money they are paid for begging, just to buy a simple dress for their kid?

That is precisely what a man named MD. Kawsar Hossain did, who unfortunately lost his right arm in a train accident. His immense love and adoration for his darling daughter inspired him to save every penny he got from begging on the streets just to witness a radiant smile on her face. The nobility of his actions and emotions turned a simple dress into something worth more than any precious jewel in the world.


One beautiful Facebook share that went Viral

This beautiful story which was shared by a man named GMB Akash on Facebook is proof of a father’s unconditional love for his children, regardless of any and all tribulations that may cross their path. When this story was shared on Facebook, it immediately went viral and garnered likes, comments, and shares from users online who expressed their appreciation and lauded the immense determination of the man.

According to the photograph and description shared by GMB Akash on Facebook:

  • His Life since then was riddled with misery and poverty.
  • Kawsar Hossain was forced to beg after having his right arm amputated, when the night coach he was travelling in, fell off a bridge.
  • The everyday hardships he has to encounter include having to be fed by his daughter every day and having to roam the busy streets full of people rushing hither and thither in their plush vehicles, begging for the next morsel of food for him and his family.

The Joy of Kawsar Hossain’s Little Girl

The little daughter named Sumaiyya was full of glee, being photographed by her father. Hossain went against the wishes of his wife and his own ego by borrowing a phone from his neighbour, just so he could capture a picture of his happy daughter in her brand new, bright yellow dress.

The picture first shared on Facebook quickly got the attention of tons of people and went on to get more than 45000 reactions and 11000 shares.

Love and determination can defeat Destiny

Fate has truly been cruel to this proud father who was left humiliated when he went to the store accompanied by his daughter to buy the dress. The shopkeeper insulted him by asking him if he was a beggar. Little Sumaiyya could not bear to see the hurt and rejection in her father’s eyes and she immediately burst into tears, insisting that she did not wish to have a dress for herself, at the cost of her dad’s humiliation.

But Hossain’s determination finally paid off and he could enjoy the proud moment of seeing his daughter in the beautiful, yellow frock. To celebrate their victory, he took a day off from begging and went around the city with her for some fun and frolic.

It’s fascinating to see how people who are well-to-do never feel satisfied with whatever they have but simple people like Hossain and Sumaiyya who struggle every day for their food find all the happiness in the world from small, yet powerful gestures like these.

GMB Akash, a Photographer, Artist, and Multimedia Journalist must be given full credit for sharing this beautiful story with the world. His picture truly speaks a thousand words.

Poverty is the Harsh Reality of our World

It is sad to see how the lives of people like MD. Kawsar Hossain can completely change in the blink of an eye. Hossain says that he never imagined once in his life, ten years ago, that he would spend his days begging for money. Nevertheless, he has not let his misery shake his determination and the unconditional love he has towards his family, as is evident from the proud smile on his face.

Read the original Facebook post here:


Written By: Anju V. Nambiar


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