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Mehmood Ali – The Man who Won Our Hearts with His Hilarity


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Quick Facts

  • Name: Mehmood Ali
  • Also Known As: Mehmood
  • Famous As: Singer, Actor, Director and Producer
  • Birth Date: 29 September 1932
  • Died On: 23 July 2004
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Birth Place: Mumbai, India


Meet the man, who was a comedy genius and even till date, the comedians try to mimic him but they fail to do so because there was nobody like him. He could not get to play the man, who saves the girl and takes her home to his mother in many movies. Yes, we are talking about Mehmood, who made us laugh so hard. Even today when we watch his movies, we cannot help it but smile. Hum Kaale Hai Toh Kya Hua? Dilwale hai! We remember him fondly for this song. This post is dedicated to him because great actors like him cannot be forgotten.

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Early Life

Some people leave their mark and Mehmood was one of them. We lost a great actor in the year 2004. Born in Mumbai in the year 1932, Mehmood Ali was not new to the Bollywood industry. His mother was an actor-cum-dancer and since she was a part of the industry, he grew up observing his mother and all the stars in B-town. His father, Mumtaz Ali, was a dancer and actor in Hindi movies. Mumtaz and his wife had eight children and Mehmood Ali was one of them.

Acting Career

As a child artist, he worked in a movie named Kismet. Life was not easy for young Mehmood and he had to do many odd jobs for a living. He also worked as the driver for P.L. Santoshi. Mehmood Ali was married to Meena Kumari’s younger sister named Madhu. After becoming a father, he decided he wanted a better career. He acted in the breakthrough film CID. He would do roles which went unnoticed but in the late 70’s, he was noticed by the people. He got his break in the movie Parvarish but not as the hero but the brother of the hero.

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Here are some of the movies he acted in: 

  • C.I.D. (1956)
  • Dil Tera Deewana (1962)
  • Gumnaam (1965)
  • Love In Tokyo (1966)
  • Padosan (1968)
  • Mastana (1970)
  • Humjoli (1970)
  • Hungama (1971)
  • Bombay To Goa (1972)
  • Do Phool (1974)
  • Kunwara Baap (1974)
  • Sabse Bada Rupaiya (1976)
  • Ek Baap Chhe Bete (1978)
  • Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

His work was appreciated in the movies, Padosan, Gumnaam and Bombay to Goa. People still remember him for his excellent comedy timing. Mehmood was a comedy genius and he proved it with his acting skills. He never shied away from playing different roles.

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Famous Quotes

Mehmood Ali was a good friend of Ashok Kumar. Once Ashok Kumar said,

“How can I give a chance to someone who would compete with me?”

To this, Mehmood Ali said,

“One day, I shall become a big filmmaker and I shall cast you in a role in my film!”

Well, he did cast Ashok Kumar in the movie Padosan. Padosan was one movie which Indians can never forget. The songs, actors and the story were excellent. He gave break to RD Burman in the movie Chote Nawab. He had good friendship with RD Burman as well. This shows that Mehmood was a humble man and he built lasting friendships.

R.D. Burman and Mehmood Ali in the movie Bhoot Bungla (1965)Image Source

Lucky Ali is the son of Mehmood Ali. He is a famous singer and he has acted in few movies as well. He is one of his seven sons. He and Madhu were divorced and later he married Tracy Ali. Mehmood had a heart disease and he was not keeping well. He was moved to Pennsylvania for treatment where he took his last breath. Even today when we watch his movies, it is his acting that makes us happy. We shall never forget such a great actor, who ruled in every movie for his comedy timing.


Written By: Anshu Choudhary


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