Mistakes Make A Man Perfect. Never Be Ashamed Of Taking The Responsibility Of Errors You Made

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”


Mistakes Make A Man Perfect. Never Be Ashamed Of Taking The Responsibility Of Errors You Made
“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” ― Bruce Lee


How many of you have made mistakes? All of you, right? However, how many of you have accepted those mistakes and work on it? The answer would not be many.

We all make mistakes but only a few have guts to accept the same.

We, humans, strive for perfection but forget that humans only make errors, which make them more perfect.

Mistakes are bound to happen. Even if we try not to, we will make a mistake at one or other point of time. So why to hide them?

Instead, take ownership of whatever wrong you have done and pledge not to repeat it again!

It takes a real human to accept whatever he/she has done and not run away from the doings.

Mistakes do not define us, it is how we rectify those mistakes, defines us!

Release the Guilt

It happens that after we commit a mistake, the guilt of it remains inside. Neither we can tell this to anybody nor can do anything about it.

What is done is done. The only way out is to let someone trustworthy know that you committed that error and you regret it.

This will make you feel more relaxed and release all the guilt you have to hold on until that time.

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Natural Process

Every human on the earth is bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are a sign of growth and learning in everyone’s life. If you do not make one, you would not understand how it mattered in your life and you would not repeat that again.

So as changes in life are natural phenomena, same way errors can be considered as a natural process in everybody’s life.

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Never Budge Your Mistakes

It is a human tendency to transfer all the wrong doings on others. Shifting focus from yourself to others stating he/she is blamable for the mistake is not right.

For instance, your team had to present a presentation in the meeting but it was not as it had to be. You tend to put the blame on the designer, electrician or so many other persons and try to cover up the errors you made.

The World goes by the same Phenomenon:- “Mistakes are made but it was not by me. It was the other person who did so. Dodging the mistake is not a solution.”

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Be a Man enough to Accept the Errors Made

It takes lots of guts to accept the wrong doings and it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Admitting to your mistakes brings you to the eye of being more honest and courageous person.

Yes, if you accept, you would not be dealing with them in future again.

Always make sure that you do not repeat your mistakes in future, as that would portray that you did not mean sorry for whatever wrong you did.

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Let us look at some of the points, which can help you to deal with your mistakes.

    • Always look in the matters from other person’s perspective as well. Keep yourself in their shoes. You will understand what mistake have you made and what you can do to rectify it.
    • Sympathize with the person or the situation as the errors you made may impact so many people.
    • Weaseling the mistakes made is not a good option, in fact, come out and take the responsibility for your wrong deeds. Blaming others for what they have not done does not make you more of a human.
    • Whatever may be the consequences of you accepting the mistake, accept it wholeheartedly. Maybe there would not be any consequence or if any, embrace it with open arms.
    • Apologizing is the first step and be sincere in it. Only saying Sorry will not do. Meaning that sorry would do half of the job.


Humans are made imperfect by the God. If they were perfect, they would not be Humans. If this idea is accepted and understood by everybody, all would accept their mistakes and never repeat it again.

Mistakes do not make you fall down but it raises you up and face the world with dignity and elegance.

You can hold your head high and not walk in disgrace because you have accepted your errors. You took ownership of everything that nobody could talk behind.

Always remember, “Never be proud of the mistakes you have done, feel pride in learning from those mistakes which had made you a better human today.”



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