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The Musical Journey of Varun Khullar – India’s First Differently Abled DJ


It is said that ‘What does not kill you, just make you stronger’. Not many people can prove the above sentence but 26 years old Varun Khullar has done it already. From a heart-wrenching accident to India’s first differently abled DJ, Varun Khullar can be labelled as the wings of inspiration for all the youths who are also struggling with a physical disability. Without any more presumptions, let us hear out the inspiring story of Varun Khullar. Have a look.

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Early Life of Varun Khullar

Before the year of 2014, Varun was another 24 years old young boy of Delhi. The lively boy of Amity University was a travel freak and often travelled to the hilly areas. Varun was born and brought up in New Delhi, and after completing marketing from Amity University, Varun went for a job of Marketing Assistant at Kantar Operations, a Gurgaon based company. Although he always had the dream of pursuing his musical dream, he never got the chance due to societal reasons. But after June 2014, Varun’s life got changed completely.

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The Trauma of the big accident – Manali

Just like any other guy, Varun too made a plan of exploring the nature of Manali with his group of friends. According to their plans, they headed for their destination on 4th June 2014. In a craze of a great road trip, they decided to drive to the Manali, following the impassable mountain trail. Everything was going smoothly. At 4:30 am in the morning, they stopped their car at a point named Vaes Naddi to check out the mesmerising view of the mountain range. Little did they know that this mountain range is setting a death trap for them. Again they set out for their journey, but a sudden truck encounter shook their balance. Their car took a wrong turn, and all they could remember is falling in the deep abyss of the mountain shaft. They fell 25 feet below the mountain road, and they were saved by a solid stone protruding from the mountain. All these happened within half n hour.

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The Survivor of Sheer Luck

The truck was an army truck, and all of the Varun’s friend and Varun were rescued immediately from the spot and they were admitted to the nearest hospital. Although they were all out of danger, Varun could not make it through. His spinal cord was injured badly which only meant that for the rest of his life, he would be paralysed below the level of the injury.

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Wings of Inspiration – The Struggle Started

A happy journey ended with such a tragic incident; not many people recover from the trauma easily. But Varun was not one of them. Not for one second, he let his negative thought occupy his mind. Surprisingly, his injury made the pursuance of his dream a lot easier for him. He again started practising and experimenting music. He learnt music online for two years at home. He religiously applied for all the best DJ schools in India. But due to his physical incapability, he was rejected from everywhere. After lots of struggles, he finally made it to a DJ school named ILM Academy in Delhi. However, it was not the end of his struggle, rather it was the start of it. He approached all the top DJ clubs in Delhi and faced rejection. Even some clubs asked him to play for free, but that was temporary too.

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Passion Wins at the end – Always!

After lots of rejection, exchange of emails and depressing moments, Varun finally got his first chance at one of the top hotels in Delhi. May 27th of 2017 was one of the remarkable times in Varun’s life. He became India’s first DJ on a wheelchair. Currently, he is working with his new name DJAamish!

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It is said that everything happens in life for a reason and the inspiring story of Varun Khullar has proved it. After such a tragic accident, Varun Khullar believed in this phrase more than ever because if he had not met with such a tragic accident, he would have been tied to the monotonous life of a daily job and he would never try to pursue a DJ career ever. So, always stay motivated, be inspired and never let your dreams die!


Written By: Subharthi Bhattacharya


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