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Mutual Understanding As A Better Way Of Life


Mutual Understanding As A Better Way Of Life
“We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Every person varies from the other in terms of his abilities, nature or any other aspect. Although there may be clashes, a complete clash of two people is impossible. So, rather than imposing own thoughts on others, understanding them can lead to a better and fruitful coexistence.

Understanding each other can lead to the benefits of both and help in solving issues and matters in a harmonic way.

Judging Others Lead to Hatredness

A critical mindset while dealing with matters often leads things in an adverse way. This might result in hatredness among both the parties and can just result in dragging of the situation further.

However, if everyone respects each other’s opinions and every single opinion is considered, the chances of a fruitful decision is increased manifolds. Understanding each other can help in solving the matter faster and easier.

In some situations, life demands to suppress one’s own thoughts and give way for others’ thoughts as well. We should act as life expects us to so that the results would be beneficial for all.

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Try Ditching the Ego for Once…

Although there might be several temptations to object others, one should let go his ego and give the other party ample chance to speak. Not only this, the person should also understand what the other party has to say and respect his opinion. Only then will be the motive of harmonious coexistence be achieved.

The other person is different from us and would definitely have a different stand on a matter. We should not force his opinion down only because we do not like it. The opinion might be completely genuine. Ample time should be taken to understand the confronting party rather than judging them on first hand.

Final Thoughts

God created everyone differently and everyone has different thoughts and opinions. Understanding of each other can result in coming up with the best possible solution to any matter whereas judging can lead to fights only.



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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra
Staying positive is what makes you feel good. When such positiveness can be enthralled via Writings, you can inspire many people. I believe in spreading happiness and positivity and this is why through this platform I am able to share my thoughts and views to the readers.

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