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Nature: A Treat To Our Eyes – How To Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature?

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.”


Nature: A Treat To Our Eyes - How To Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature?
“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” ― John Ruskin


How Beautiful Is Nature Around Us

Have you ever thought about how beautiful nature is around us?

Doesn’t it look just like a painting on canvas?

I have many a time stood awestruck at the beauty nature unfolded like magic. Just look at the colors scattered on the sky in the sunset. How versatile sky is every day.

But, nature is quite tricky at times. Nature only reveals its beauty to people who really want to feel nature.

You really have to start exploring nature to see its hidden gems.

Many a time you would have to hike the toughest route or walk the muddiest trail, to see nature at its best. But, the efforts would always be worth it.

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Where To Find The Infinite Beauty Of Nature

Nature and its beauty are infinite. You really can see the beauty of nature in all things around you.

But, as Plato once said, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ it really matters how you see things around you.

Some people find beauty and happiness in little things. But, some of us fail to see the beauty of nature around us.

Nature is splendid, beginning from the tiny butterflies and flowers to mountains and beaches. It never fails to amuse us.

Just open your eyes and look around for a while. You will start seeing the beauty of nature in the very simple things around you.

Maybe a bug, a pond, or a tiny fern is enough to open the door to the beauty of nature.

How many colors of butterfly have you seen? Can you believe that there live about 20,000 species of butterflies in nature?

Yes. Each one of those species exists in different colors and patterns.

You will find it really surprising once you begin noticing butterflies. I literally started noticing different kinds of butterflies the day I clicked the picture below.

And, I have many a time stood awestruck at the hues of these tiny bundles of colors.

20,000 species of butterflies in nature

You can see this versatility and beauty in every single species living in nature. All you need to see the infinite beauty of nature with open eyes and an open heart.

Find joy in little things of nature, and you will gradually save and protect nature.

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How Beauty Of Nature Is Not Just Than A Treat To Eyes

The beauty of nature is one of the greatest sources of income for most of the countries.

Nature is thus, far more than a treat to eyes.

Why do you think tourists are outpouring to our nation?

Don’t you think the diverse terrain, flora, and fauna of our country have a major role in it?

The terrain of every country differs greatly. Nature actually shows its different colors in different countries.

And, we all admire the versatility of nature.

Don’t we all admire the deserts of Arab countries as well as the greenery of Norway?

The Grand Canyon of the United States, the Alps in Switzerland, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and Mount Fuji of Japan are some of the few major tourist destinations showcasing the infinite beauty of nature.

The number of tourists visiting these places from all over the world would really surprise you.

And obviously, this versatility and infinite beauty of nature have helped many countries to build the backbone of their economy.

It also shows that people despite all barriers are attracted to the beauty of nature.

Nature has definitely blessed human life with a lot of other things.

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How To Appreciate The Beauty Of Nature?

Here are some simple habits to appreciate the beauty of nature:

    • Plant a tree
    • Hug a tree
    • Make a garden
    • Go for hiking trails
    • Watch more Sunsets
    • Protect nature
    • Reduce pollution

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Final Words

We can’t live without nature. The beauty of nature keeps us alive and happy.

It is high time that we start appreciating and protecting nature.

How would you appreciate the beauty of nature around you?

We all have had the best moment with nature.

Which was your best moment with nature? Or when was the last time you felt the infinite beauty of nature?

Share your best moments in the comments section below.

‘Maybe we all should learn the art of appreciating the beauty of nature, and protecting it.’



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