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Never Lose Your Courage: The Most Valuable Asset


Never Lose Your Courage: The Most Valuable Asset
“He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.” ― Miguel de Cervantes


Man consistently tries to gather more and more wealth during his lifetime. But due to some kind of misfortune, if loss of wealth occurs, he feels devastated. But there are additional stages of loss which matter more than wealth loss. Wealth can be replenished easily, but gaining back a friend and courage requires a great deal.

Losing a Friend is Costlier than Wealth Loss

A friend is a mine of love and compassion and values a lot more than all the wealth combined. There might be circumstances which might result in the parting of a friend. One should try his best not to lose one since losing a friend counts more as compared to even wealth loss. When a person loses a friend it becomes hard for him to get that friend back because it has always been said that it is a lot tougher to build good relations in this world than breaking one.

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The Most Painful Loss

All the above losses that a person might incur including the wealth loss and the loss of a friend might ultimately lead to the loss of courage which is the biggest of all. If a person loses his courage, he has nothing left with him. Thus whatever might the loss be, one should never ever lose his courage.

May it be the loss of wealth or a friend, the courage level should always remain intact. Courage once lost is very hard to be gained back in the same form. Hence, the loss of courage is what matters the most in everyone’s life and everyone should try to avert this specific loss.

Final Thoughts

The loss of wealth should never lead a person to lose all hopes and repent for the loss incurred by the same. Life would definitely give more chances to restore the wealth. However, everyone should try their best to keep their friendship and courage in tact.



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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra
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