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The Never Say Die Spirit For Being Courageous

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The Never Say Die Spirit For Being Courageous
“Work on! Hold on! Be brave! Dare anything and everything!” ― Swami Vivekananda


The world is chaotic and full of uncertainties but being courageous is the answer to all. Where there are qualms, there are hopes as well. All that you need is to focus on what you are craving for to get fulfilled. Be it a simple examination to pass or making big decisions in life, people lose their confidence and give up easily. But is this all that we are meant for? Of course, NO.

Being courageous and giving hundred percent without the fear of failure or loss is all that a person needs to get almost anything and everything in this world.

Courageous Hearts Conquer the World

Encounter any story from the history and take an insight how the warriors glorify themselves. You would find that there was nothing that could stop them from daring the powers all around. Either it was about fighting the wars or protecting their boundaries, they outshine everyone to lionize their territory.

Our brave, courageous and heroic freedom fighters helped us getting independence from the Britishers. If they would have acted cowardly, we would still be walking under the feet of Britishers.

Being Courageous and Audacious is a Matter of Choice

No one can suppress you if you are courageous enough to speak your mind loudly.

Always remember what Swami Vivekananda once said “Work on! Hold on! Be brave! Dare anything and everything!”

The points to remember in the context are:

  • Work hard and believe no one can outshine you until you are trying.

  • Be brave enough to speak up about the issues you find alarming.

  • Never underestimate yourself and your caliber.

  • Always believe in the fact that you are all that can make yourself stand out of the crowd.

Therefore always try to hold on to the ‘Never Say Die’ spirit. Be courageous, keep going and rock your world!


Written By: Mani Lohani



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