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No Disability Can Hold Back Inspiration – The Journey of 24 Years Old Kshitiz Aneja from Unable to Able


We often utter the sentence, ‘Life is never easy,’ but a very few people actually get to experience that. The journey of 24 years old Kshitiz Aneja is one such example of such hard life. From being amputated at the age of 9 to the working at an MNC and a pass out from IIM Bangalore, Kshitiz Aneja has proved that no disability can hold back inspiration. Not only that, recently he is all on himself and leading his life independently. As hard as it is to believe, our world is full of surprises and inspirations, all you have to do is to look for one. Let us hear out the story of Kshitiz Aneja here.

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Early Life of Kshitiz Aneja

Born in the year of 1993, Kshitiz Aneja spent his childhood in the small town of Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur. As a child, he took his education at Sun Beam Public School from nursery to grade five. After that, he took admission at Rainbow School, Saharanpur. Everything was going smoothly with his life until the year of 2001. He was only 9 years old, and like any other 9 years old boy, he was preparing for the upcoming event for Basant Panchami by flying Kites. Suddenly, one of their kites got stuck at the high power cable. He was trying to get the kite out from the cable, but due to high electric voltage, he met with a horrific life-changing accident. He was treated in more than 3 hospitals consecutively, but the doctors could not save his hands, it was amputated from the elbow at once. The accident happened in February, and he finally got back home in April.

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Starting Afresh – A New Life

After such a horrific accident just at the age of 9, life never became easy for Kshitiz Aneja! He had to start everything from the square one. He had to learn everything afresh and in a completely different way. His school life was not the same anymore. Kids at his school used to make fun of him. Although his mother supported him during the school days, that stopped from 6th standard onwards. From this point of his life, he decided to do things again on his own. He started with writing using his feet and afterwards mouth. And after months of trying, he started writing indistinctly, and he usually scribbled large words. After such hurdles, he finally took a big step by learning how to drive in 2010.

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Independence and Positivity can win every Disability

After Kshitiz Aneja completed his 12th standard from Rainbow School, he took a big decision of living alone in Delhi. Although his parents were against this drastic step, no one could stop him from pursuing his dream career. He took admission in Shri Ram College of Commerce to pursue BCom. He stayed in Delhi for three years alone. And after that, he decided to pursue MBA from IIM Bangalore. He moved to Bangalore and completed his MBA. Today he is working in an MNC which has given his hobby new wings – the hobby of travelling. He also works for an NGO that rehabilitates amputees.

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The Inspirational Journey – Giving his Hobbies new Wings!

Kshitiz Aneja loves to travel, and he already has travelled many countries such France, Netherlands, Thailand and more than 30 cities in India. Also, after the amputation, he learned cycling. He used to fall, but he never gave up. Recently, he is working hard to get a driving license from his hometown Saharanpur. He is also working on a documentary and carrying the dream of being a marketing professional soon.

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It does not matter how hard life hits you; you can always bounce back. Kshitiz Aneja’s powerful story only resemble the saying – ‘when there is a will, there is a way.’ More power to him!


Written By: Subharthi Bhattacharya


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