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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes – The Bravery of Dr. Shiny Kaki will Leave You Baffled


It is not every day that you see one young woman helping the underprivileged persons around the world, is it? But if you think such people are just a myth and exist only in movies, you are wrong! The 30 years old physician, Dr. Shiny Kaki of Andhra Pradesh is the one who’s carrying India’s pride on her shoulder. From Sudan to Yemen, she is traveling those corners of the world that are dreaded with the wrath of civil war and terrorist attacks. Inspirational as it is, her deeds are not everyone’s cup of tea. Let us hear out her story of ‘Doctors without Borders‘ in this article.

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Early Life of Shiny Kaki

In her childhood, no one could ever think that this little Vijayawada girl would do such noble work one day. Shiny Kaki was born and brought up in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. After passing out from a school in Vijayawada, she started her medical journey at CMC college in Vellore in the year of 2005. After she passed out from CMC as a doctor in 2009, Dr. Shiny Kaki did her two years of compulsory rural service in the leprosy hospital in Allahabad. But her next step in her medical journey was not that much expected!

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The Fighter of the Odds

After she served the rural hospitals in Allahabad, she found out that leprosy still acquires a big misconception in our life. While this disease is absolutely curable, people with less knowledge continues to acknowledge it as a disease with no cure, and they do not even bother to come to the hospital. Dr. Shiny Kaki observed these situations, and these were not only common to India; rather leprosy still continues to be a worldwide problem, mostly for developed and underdeveloped countries. She started her research study at Welcome Trust Research Lab in Vellore, and the project was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and National Institution of Health in America. Being the project manager in India, she served many malnourished areas in India and treated many tribes such as the Narikurava Communities, etc. She spotted the main cause of her project, and that is exclusive breastfeeding as recommended by “WHO”. However, she had more cards to play up her sleeves.

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A Noble Act with a Noble Cause – Doctors without Borders

After serving the project related to leprosy and malnourishment in India, Dr. Shiny Kaki felt the urge to spread the voice around the world. Two years later, on February 2014, she joined ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres,’ also known as ‘Doctors without Borders‘ which changed her course of her career completely. This is the agency that works around the underdeveloped areas in the world, mostly in the areas affected by civil wars and other terrorism wars. In her first project, Dr. Shiny Kaki was taken to the war torn area between Ethiopia and Somalia. From curing Cholera to treating war patients, the whole experience of Dr. Shiny Kaki was a life-changing event. As per her, terrorists do not generally attack hospitals, but that is just one of the perspectives only. There were days when she had to hide inside her tent, pretending to be dead just to save herself from the terrorists outside. She has been to Yemen, Sudan and other different countries of Africa. Later she worked in Nigeria where an immediate malnutrition emergency existed. Here in Nigeria, she experienced the dreads of Boko Haram’s terrorism.

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Currently, in India, we see the monstrous doctors who can do anything to earn some extra money from the patients, and there exist people like Dr. Shiny Kaki who does not care about her life and dedicated her life to a bigger cause. She is more than an inspiration. The bravery of Dr. Shiny Kaki is the story that will serve forever as a glorious instance of heroism.


Written By: Subharthi Bhattacharya


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