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Nothing Can Beat The Love Feeling!


Nothing Can Beat The Love Feeling!
“Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling.” ― Shane Warne


Love is a wonderful feeling indeed. Poets and songwriters have written about this inexplicable feeling for decades, but somehow, we are still no closer to identifying what exactly is this love feeling! Even the people who have felt this feeling at some point in their lives cannot define it. But let us try to break down the love feeling in this article!

What is the Love Feeling?

When you love someone or are loved by someone, there are certain symptoms, just like the signs you notice when suffering from a disease! They are:

1. Worrying about the person

2. Caring about him/her in every small way possible

3. Thinking about the person at odd hours

4. Prioritizing his/her wishes and desires before yours

5. Always feeling like the world is a beautiful and better place because he/she is in it

6. Smiling for no apparent reason whatsoever

7. Wanting to be in the company of that person all the time

If you are also suffering from these serious symptoms, you must take our word and accept that you are in love. Even though we cannot absolutely define this feeling 100% accurately, I think that enhances the beauty of this random, inexplicable and crazy emotion even more!

Why does the Feeling of Love Beat All Feelings?

Human beings are unique animals in the sense that they can feel emotions that the other mammals can’t. They can feel love, hatred, anger, jealousy, compassion, sympathy and a lot more. However, the phrase Love conquers all is not just a phrase. In my very humble opinion, it could not be truer than in the 21st century.

Love is a feeling that beats all the other emotions for a reason – it encompasses everything. If you feel love, it is quite understood that at some point or another, you must also have felt anger, pain, hurt, jealousy or worry. Even though the love feeling has the potential to hurt us in innumerable ways, the pleasure and happiness it brings to our lives are equally intense.

So, it is natural to want to take a step back and not fall prey to this feeling for fear of getting hurt and having your heart broken by someone. However, take it from someone who knows – even if you might not feel it when you have a broken heart. Loving someone and having that someone love you back is the best feeling in the world.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a person caring about you, worrying about your wellbeing and making you smile in the hardest times in life.

So, Why Embrace Love?

It is no secret that life can be hard and can throw you a curveball when you least expect it. However, if you have that special someone in your life to hold your hand and stand by your side in times of woes, the hardships get easier, and you start seeing the silver lining as well as the light at the end of the tunnel. Someone wise once rightly said, All you need is love.” Therefore, embrace the love feeling and don’t let it slip from your fingers!


Written By: Vishakha Goyal



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