Nothing Can Beat You If You Have Self-Confidence


“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” ― Carol Burnett


The foundation of life is laid on the pillars of self-confidence. Without diligence and potential, no one can achieve the goal in their life. As our life is not the bed of Roses, there is hard stone like obstacle we have to face. If we turn our back to face all the hurdles in life, we rarely could achieve the glory of success.

To have self-confidence in yourself and the skill to give your best efforts in every work is essential. Even we need the self-confidence to fight against the evils of the society and the evils in our self when we determine to move on.


Why Do We Need To Change Ourself?

From the beginning of our life, we grow through modification. This change is inevitable as to accommodate with the society. But unless we feel the urge to change our self from within, no power on this earth can change us.

Suppose anyone gets the habit of smoking. No rule is adequate to stop him from quitting this bad habit unless he is determined to do so. That was a small example of quitting smoking.

But in other fields of life, we too need to change our self to get rid of any particular circumstances. Every time there is an ongoing process of a tag of war in between our self.

Your Self-Confidence Motivates You

Our life is full of miracle, and you too can experience them in your life by taking the right decision at the right moment. Never cling on to the following things such as

i) Your Past

ii) People who Misguides You

iii) Your Doubtful Mind

Always motivate yourself by saying, “Yes! I can do. I can change my life from good to better and from better to best. No one can do this for me”

Awake your spirit and take part in something that you believe you can perform well. Your self confidence will inspire you to bring changes in your life.

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Don’t Wait For The Rain

There are so many people around us who simply wait that somebody would help them to complete their work. In this way they simply waste the precious time they could utilize.

Here the question arises: Before we want somebody to help, why don’t we try our self?

Even if we watch the farmers, they never wait for the rain to grow crops. By any means, they water their field so that the crop can grow in time.

You should remember, once you failed, does not mean you will never win. On the other hand, the failures ensure the chance of your being successful.

Let us talk to our self in a positive way. Self-talk is much necessary to gain self-confidence.

Never Wait For A Promise From Others

Only you can think better about yourself than anyone else. You know yourself well than another in the world. If you have the will and confidence, you can perform well in any circumstances. Leave your past behind and never wait for the promises from others to help you.

Instead just wasting time seeking others help, try it on yourself. Motivate your spirit by your positive thoughts and self-confidence. If so, you will get your goal one day, for sure. Live your life like it’s happening now.


So friends, the way we build up our self-confidence and positive thoughts, we leave the negative thoughts of failure far behind. We must remember that after every rain there is sunshine. Don’t wait for anyone else to change your life by miracle. Instead, you do the miracle possible and inspire others.

Believe in your abilities to bring positive changes in yourself and destroy the negative thoughts.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya


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