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One Life Can Make A Difference To Humanity


One Life Can Make A Difference To Humanity
“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” ― Thomas Keneally


Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist and a spy for Nazi Party, is remembered for saving 1,200 Jewish people.

The horrors of Holocaust are well known around the world. But, such an act of bravery and kindness is seldom highlighted.

Schindler proved that you don’t need to take the responsibility of changing the whole world. If you can save one life, you can inspire the whole world to embrace humanity. You have to be the pioneer of change and shape the future of society.

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Existence of Humanity

Early morning, when I go for my cycling rides, I see an old woman in ragged clothes. She has a torn bag swinging on one of her shoulders. She walks slowly towards the huge banyan tree at the center spot of the village.

As she approaches the tree, I notice all the dogs starts barking and wagging tails, as if welcoming her in their own peculiar style. It brings a wrinkled smile on woman’s face and she puts her hand into the bag and takes out buns for her loyal companions.

Every day, she feeds around 20 dogs at the same spot and at the same time. Every person in the village and nearby villages as well appreciates her effort. Her activities motivate them to be humane and kind towards all beings and not just human beings.

Don’t wait for someone else to initiate. You know the meaning of humanity and you know the difference between good and bad. Shed inhibition and spread the canvas of happiness to the underprivileged.

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Think Global, Act Local

When you were a child, you must have stories about great men and women from around the world. I remember reading about Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc. They were the persons who raised their voice against injustice. They fought against oppression and division. They lead the masses and proved that humanity is foremost than any virtue.

What do you understand? See, you always have two options. You can keep on doing what you are doing and criticize the wrong but never raise your voice against it or you can stand up against it and fight until you emerge victoriously.

When each person takes up the responsibility of changing wrong, our society will become a better place to live in.

You must have heard the quote – Change begins with you”. A very apt saying, this is truly applicable as well.

Let us consider an example. There is a family of four people; Father, Mother and two children.

Father and mother believe in humanity and are known for their goodness and kindness. They want their children to grow up with these traits. They always teach them by involving them in social activities. Children grow up to be kind and good. Now, they get married and start their own family. They inculcate same teachings to their children. Hence, the chain continues.

What do you understand? Even one person with good virtues can make a difference. You just need to trust in the existence of humanity and oneness. When you have an optimistic approach, you will succeed in your endeavors.

Recently, I heard a real life story. There was the man who had lost vision in one eye. One day, he went to adopt a puppy for himself. In the kennel, he saw many puppies of the high breed.

In one corner, he saw a timid puppy in a small cage. He went close to have a look. He realized that the puppy didn’t have one eye. He immediately adopted the puppy that was dejected by many because the puppy was blind in one eye.

This story restores faith in humanity. It tells you that you can make a difference irrespective of your disposition. It’s never too late to initiate. All you need is a good heart.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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