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Optimism Kills the Hindrances and Creates Opportunities


Optimism Kills the Hindrances and Creates Opportunities
“Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Opportunities knock door for the ones who have the courage to walk through the obstacles for pursuing their dreams since their optimism kills the hindrances and paves the way for a lot of possibilities and opportunities.

It’s always your enthusiasm that leads you to your dreams. Everyone faces problems in their own way while attempting to achieve success but it’s always the vision and optimism that matters and converts the problems into possibilities.

Strategize the Course of Action Carefully

For beginning the journey, you must have a clear conviction that you will achieve your goal no matter what you face or how you struggle, if you are ready to give whatever it takes for achieving the target.

Once you have a clear conviction, have faith, trust your instincts and make your moves because beginning something always takes great efforts. Make sure you don’t allow minor distractions to rule over your mind. Your intuitions will never lie to you if you have a clear vision of goal.

Hope can be a great fuel for running up but it can lead to failed attempts also. Don’t hope your circumstances to fall in favour of you or even for the obstacles coming for you. Rather make your optimism as your weapon to fight out against all such odds.

Make small and effective moves and celebrate your success and motivate yourself again to walk at a faster pace. Analyse yourself regularly and think of activities you can do. Unrealistic expectations always create disappointments.

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Example of an Eminent Personality

Failure and success are not exactly the two sides of the coin. It’s rather a part of success itself.

Michael Jordan, the basketball legend was once rejected by his high school’s team for playoffs. But he didn’t let that failure of his to take him down for the rest of his attempts. Rather he used the rejection as the source of motivation and worked for his goals and proved that optimism kills the hindrances and creates opportunities when followed by the justified efforts and mindset. Practising courts and stacking small moves forged the coal into a diamond.

Optimism Kills the Hindrances and Strengthens the Person for the Future

It is a must to have a positive attitude for failures. You should always be prepared for the obstacles and make them as a lesson for your future itinerary. Your attitude towards each problem or obstacle reflects your unshakable belief and your belief requires a constant push in the form of efforts and dedications.

Find the good in all such difficult situations. It’s no one else but you itself who can make you win or lose at the same time. Let yourself be strong enough to make your position stand upright in the hurricane of obstacles.


Make your smart plan, work on the tiniest imperfections and execute. All those who became successful in their own path always have their one and only motto not to give up and have optimism in their mind every time.

You will fail for sure but make sure you brush up on the lessons learned for making your challenges fall into the right set of circumstances. It is the optimism in mind which do miracles since optimism kills the hindrances and helps them to be converted into possibilities and opportunities.



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