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Optimism Yields Wonders, Pessimism Brings Blunders


Optimism Yields Wonders, Pessimism Brings Blunders
“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” ― Abraham Lincoln


Every single event has a number of viewpoints or perspectives associated with it. It is solely dependent on the person, which viewpoint he considers. The contrasting nature of optimistic and pessimistic thoughts is made evident through the quote.

The preoccupation of the mind plays a big role in deciding the viewpoint of a person. In the quote, if the mind of a person is preoccupied with negativity or pain, he will definitely think of the first part.

The First Thought Shapes the Further Actions

It is the first thought of an event or issue that shapes the further actions that the person takes in relation to the same. It is highly essential to be optimistic in every matter and try to derive the good out of every problem. This will ultimately lead the person to tackle things efficiently.

The attitude of finding faults in every matter is harmful since it leads the person to ponder only the short comings every time and can ultimately lead to worse results.

The initial thoughts shape the next actions that a person takes. Hence, it is important to think about the specific incident in a positive way so that the further steps would be shaped accordingly.

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The Power of Optimism

It has been found that optimistic people handle things more efficiently as compared to the pessimistic ones. Thinking positive has many perks that one might not have even thought of.

A positive thought process often acts as a shield against all negativities and odds that one might face in the due course of actions for achieving a certain target. On the contrary, negative thoughts tend to bring harm.

Final Thoughts

Optimism can yield wonders, pessimism can bring blunders. It solely depends on how a person reciprocates to a situation. A person should always be filled with positive energy and take every situation that he comes across in a positive way. Only then will he be able to tackle the situation in the best possible way.



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