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Our Destinies Are Not In The Stars Under Which We Are Born, We Make Our Own Destiny


Our Destinies Are Not In The Stars Under Which We Are Born, We Make Our Own Destiny
“Destiny’s what you make of it. You have to face whatever life throws at you.” ― Darren Shan


One of the most common excuses given by losers in life is to say that it was destined. The point is how did they know beforehand, what destiny had in store for them? Even giving the benefit of doubt to such sad lamentations, this can never be entirely true.

How we react or respond to a particular situation is what takes that matter to conclusion. It is true that life deals a set of cards to play to everyone according to their position in life. But how you play those cards, depends entirely on you. Even when life deals you a weak hand to play, you can turn the tide by playing well.

Turn the pages of any inspiring story, and you will find that it is about how the person overcame the odds which were thrown at him.

The magnitude of success depends on how terrible the circumstances were. Success stories are written by those who overcame the odds, while those who fail blame it to destiny.

Does God Really Help those who Help Themselves?

You do not need to be believer to agree that those who help themselves, indeed, achieve their goals. Making the best of whatever comes along to you is the best strategy.

The truly audacious people who overcome all odds are those who build their houses from the stones thrown at them. 

There is a saying that says,

“Do not wait for God to help you; who knows God is waiting for you to help yourself.”

These kind of positive attitudes are what get the achievers going. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is what has made people stick out with everything they have.

Whatever life throws at us, there is always a way out. All it needs is wisdom and perseverance.

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Locks are not Made without Keys

Often we get overwhelmed by the adverse circumstances. We tend to think there is no way out. Such dreary thoughts make people depressed and worrisome. This in turn affects their abilities all the more and they end up being depressed and lost.

A great spiritual leader has said that the Almighty God does not make a lock for which there is no key.

In other words, what it means is that every problem has a solution. In fact, there are many solutions to a problem, one just needs to look for them.

Life is Full of Possibilities

It is often said that the word impossible can also be interpreted to mean, I am possible. Nothing can be further from this truth.

In life, every moment gives us several possibilities. The very fact that one is alive means he had survived many odds starting from his birth.

One of the most enduring quality hat great sportsmen have displayed is how they have come out winners in sports where every other opponent is a champion. They were proactive in their discipline and training, fully aware that it will not be a cakewalk to win. Reading their biographies is an inspiration.

Success never comes in a platter; you have to work diligently to carve out your own destiny from whatever you have got.


For everyone, life is a mystery waiting to be unraveled by you. Everyone’s destiny remains unknown, till they achieve it. Surrendering to whatever life throws at you will take you nowhere.

Nobody will create your destiny, nor should you let anyone write your destiny. For better or for worse, life is what you make of it.



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