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Our Happiness is Our Responsibility and No One is Responsible for Your Happiness

“Take responsibility of your own happiness; never put it in other people’s hands.”


Our Happiness is Our Responsibility and No One is Responsible for Your Happiness
“Take responsibility of your own happiness; never put it in other people’s hands.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Many times, you may have found yourself relying on someone else to make you feel happy. Sometimes they do but most of the times they do not.

And who can blame them? No one can blame them even though we find ourselves mad at them for falling below our expectations of them making us happy.

What many people do not realize is that our happiness is our responsibility. No one was put on earth to make another person happy.

In as much as we may want to make others happy and require that they also make us happy, it is not our or their responsibility to make anyone happy. That is the cruel fact that we must face and wake up from.

When we understand that our happiness is our responsibility, no one will ever have the power to make us unhappy.

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Take Up the Responsibility of Making Yourself Happy

A lot of times we have delegated the duty of making ourselves happy to the world. It is a cruel world we live in where happiness is becoming a thing of the past.

We live in a world where someone expects a reward for making you smile, laugh, or happy, and the reward is always expensive.

You will trust them thinking they are genuine only for them to rip your heart out in the end.

“Take responsibility of your own happiness; never put it in other people’s hands.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Roy Bennett said it in the best way possible. I always expected people to make me happy and I have always been disappointed. Until I took matters into my own hands, I was never happy.

I was inspired by Roy Bennett, and ever since I knew I was responsible for my happiness, I have always been happy.

Learn to be responsible for your happiness, and you will leave a happy and fulfilled life. No one knows how to make you happy as you do.

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You Can always Keep Yourself Happy

Now that you are awakened to the fact that no one owes you happiness, you can always strive to keep yourself happy. It is very simple because happiness already resides in you, all you have to do is bring it to the surface.

First things first, regardless of any situation or who you have around you, always know that you are your source of joy.

Learn to be content with yourself, what you have, and who you are. This is very vital because you will realize that you are complete and self-sufficient.

Stay away from any negative vibes because they may rub off on you. Make sober decisions because your decisions will affect how you will feel with the outcome.

Practice being happy at all times. We all can control our response to our emotions, and this is something that many people do not know.

When you feel sad, you can decide to stir up happiness in you, and it will work.

To know I am not lying, can you remember the number of times you have smiled and acted friendly with someone you do not like at all because you have to?

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No One will Make You Sad

One beautiful thing about being responsible for your happiness is that no one will ever take away your sadness. This is because you are the source of happiness and not them.

This keeps you safe from the emotional control that people may have on you unknowingly or knowingly.

Since our happiness is our responsibility, we have full ownership of it. This is emotional freedom and as I would say,

“Emotional independency leaves no room for emotional prisons.”


When your happiness is in the hands of other people, you are in an emotional prison, but you may not know it.

Free yourself today and be responsible for your happiness. You will see the beauty of life, and you will be emotionally independent.

It is a great thing for anyone because you will take back the power you gave out, and you will never regret it.



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