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Parents Beware: Never Treat Higher Education As A Conveyor Belt


Parents Beware: Never Treat Higher Education As A Conveyor Belt
“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” ― Solomon Ortiz


This quote by Solomon Ortiz quite rightly sums up the importance of education and more specifically higher education in our lives. Sadly, most parents who admit students in Montessori schools assume that 14 years later, their ward will emerge as the student of their dreams and get into the best colleges.

With a few more investments in their education, they believe that their child will turn into a cash-generating machine as soon as he completes his education. This perspective couldn’t be more far from the truth. Education and teachers aren’t just about that!

Parents and teachers need to be equal partners in the education of their ward in terms of time, money and energy invested. And this write-up serves as an eye-opener in terms of highlighting the fact that they need to monitor the quality of teachers your kids have, as most subjects cannot be learned in their true sense without the help of teachers.

What makes education and higher education fruitful is the impact the teachers have on their students.

Impact of Teachers

Professors and teachers need to do proper justice to the students by not only covering the syllabus but also helping them to think on their feet to come out with outstanding solutions that can drive the subject forward and create new theories and perspectives.

If parents decide not to be consumers of education and school brands anymore and treat themselves as equal partners in education of their wards, especially higher education, then their wards will definitely succeed in all endeavors of life.

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Teachers are Wealth Creators, Second Parents and GOD

Technology can create billion-dollar industries overnight and innovative thinking can help save human lives which can be even more beneficial to human society. Only teachers as second parents and de-facto wealth creators can engender innovative thinking through ground-breaking teaching methods and inculcate the values of hard-work, humility and adapting to constant change amongst students. This should be done from a young age and up to their higher education level.

Primary Education and Higher Education are the Keys to Success

Education is what expands the power of the human mind. It helps people solve problems and perform with better efficiency and effectiveness. It is good education and teachers that lays the foundation of a person’s mind and prepares him for the challenges in the future.

The Story of Sachin Tendulkar and his Guru

Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the best example of how a teacher can convert an ordinary pupil into a genius with good coaching and intent. His coach, Ramakant Achrekar, taught him the true value of his wicket by placing a coin on the stumps. He ensured that Sachin batted from morning to sundown without the ball hitting the stump and the coin falling down. In the process, he turned out to be the world’s best batsman who scored maximum runs through boundaries carved via his signature shots.

Sachin’s story highlights how the impact a teacher makes in a student’s life can stick to him forever. Throughout his long cricketing career, Sachin remained as a hard-working student of the game always hungry to learn more.


Basic and higher education are keys to success that opens door to opportunities and a brighter future. A good educational system and dedicated teachers is the right combination that a student needs to succeed.

Teachers and proper education can have an indelible impact on the life of the students. They help people improve upon their natural skill, realize their true potential and teach them to do justice to it.


Written By: Mathews Regi


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