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How Do A Person’s Perspective Matters?

“Humans see what they want to see.”


How Do A Person’s Perspective Matters?
“Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan


Once upon a time, a man asked two brothers a question. Does your father drink? Both of them replied that their father drinks a lot.

The man asked one of the brothers whether he wished to be like his father. The child denied. When the man asked the reason, the child said his father drinks and therefore, he doesn’t want to be like his father.

The same question was portrayed to the other child. He said that he wants to be like his father because he drinks.

You see, both the children cited the same reason for their different choices. Why? This is because of their individual perspective.

One child knows drinking is injurious and the cause of violence and restlessness, therefore he doesn’t want to be like the father. The other child thinks the father is right and therefore, he wants to be like his father.

It is our individual preference that matters. We know the difference between good and bad. Some strive for the good and some for the bad. We always have a choice.

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Remember, good always win over bad. Almost everyone has a habit of ignoring the things in life. They do this because it suits their needs.

I have seen people ignoring hungry beggars on the street but having lavish lunch in an overhyped restaurant. Here, you had a choice. You could have fed the poor instead of satisfying your appetite.

I’m not saying that you ditch all your luxuries and donate all your money for the underprivileged. But, you should analyze and have an insight on what is wrong and what is right. The righteous path always leads to glory.

Never believe on what you see. Humans have made tremendous scientific progress. We have been gifted with excellent intellectual levels. We should use our reasoning power to determine our actions.

For example, if a person says it’s normal to discriminate on the basis of color. You can present your views and condemn the action on the basis of scientific, humane and intellect reasoning. You should have your own perspective based on reasons and intellect.

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How I Changed My Perspective?

I will tell you my story. I am a person who stammers. I have been stammering for the past 20 years. Initially, I had a fear of public speaking. I didn’t use to speak much. I thought everyone would mock me and would not like to listen to my views.

Some time back, I joined an organization that focused on public speaking. I got a platform to express my views. That was the time when I was literally shivering with nervousness.

Nevertheless, I gathered courage and went up to the podium. I delivered a five-minute speech. After my gig, I felt relieved. The burden of shame, guilt and fear vanished at that moment. The audience appreciated my courage and respected me with a standing ovation. My perspective changed completely.

That day, I realized that we portray the situations as per our expectations. I expected that people would mock me and therefore, I didn’t interact with them. After my speech, I realized that I was completely wrong.

In fact, people will accept you as you are. You don’t need to portray anything. You don’t need to expect. When you expect, and if it doesn’t meet your expectation, it hurts you. Therefore, keep things as they are. Let the others see it as it should be. This will certainly change your perspective about humanity.

Amidst every kind of person in this world, you should strive to analyze the surroundings for the benefit of mankind. Don’t show your back to issues that require attention. Be the pioneer of change by upholding the virtue of humanity.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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