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Pleasures of Life Come from the Time Considered as Wasted


Pleasures of Life Come from the Time Considered as Wasted
“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ― Bertrand Russell


Life is not always just doing what is meant to be done at specified time. Nobody is born with a rule to use their time for particular things. If it was followed, there would have no pleasure in anybody’s life.

Escaping from pressures of everyday events also matters a lot and gets equal importance as one’s career or studies.

Many people always stick on to a tight schedule where they spend time on their studies or job and nothing else.

For few people who want to spend time on what they like, many times cannot accomplish because of their priority on other works.

Do not regret upon the time you took in having pleasure of what you like. It is not a time waste but utilization of time for what you like! In other word it is giving time for yourself which is equal to that of giving time to our loved ones.

There is a huge difference between deciding the things we have to do and we want to do. Because of prioritizing the things we have to do, we neglect the things we want to do. Loving our lives is not about how good we are at studies or how big we are earning.

It is all about pleasure we give ourselves with so called our hobbies like sports, writing, gaming, trekking and the list goes on.

Our minds will bloom immediately if anyone speaks about the mentioned things. And it is a fact that most of our lovely memories lies only in them and not with our routine job.

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Revive the Pleasure from Pressure

Anybody can suck a little from their packed time to feel the real happiness in a day.

Remember these tips to create cherishable moments every day.

1. Learn from Doing Nothing

We have often been scolded for doing nothing by our parents or teachers in our childhood. But pushing away few usual things to keep yourself happy helps you to fill it up with curious things. It doesn’t need to be outdoor with friends or colleagues. Spend your time with yourself doing random things you love or gives you pleasure.

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2. Take Pleasure from Leisure

We have leisure periods in schools, colleges and companies too. It is given to refresh ourselves from long hours of classes or work. Same way our life is filled with uncountable things, they may be important or not, but they need our attention. Leave them all as they are. Take a leisure. Leisure to pleasure yourself. Roam around the city, eat what you love, meet whom you need and relax yourself.

3. Learn Something You Don’t Know

When you find nothing interesting in your life, create it. Try learning something you never did. Learn music, start painting, buy few books to read and engage yourself in some new activities. You will forget all your troubles in the joy of learning.

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4. Resume Your Day for True Relationships

If you fall sick out of anxiety and pressure, the only people whom you can reach are your family and friends. In the urge of earning wealth, never lose your health and healthy relationships. Spend time with them often and create beautiful memories with people who love you.

5. Balancing the Unbalanced Day

Even doing nothing or taking leisure for whole day makes you feel nothing great. A proper blend of everything is important to enjoy the sweetness of life. Organize your holidays in the same way you do for your work. Balancing the responsibilities and pleasure activities is always helpful.

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6. Try to Please Yourself than Others

Nobody is responsible for your life and happiness – neither your boss nor your professor. Do things what you love and what gives you pleasure. Trying to please others by ruining our life is never acceptable no matter how great or important the job is.


You are the owner of your life. Enjoy the pleasure in every thing you come across. Give the best of your time to make it meaningful. The more you spend time in enjoying the things, the more you will start to enjoy your life.

The happiness is living your life and not leaving your life for something.

Remember – Take your time in doing things that gives you Pleasure!



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