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Power is the Firmness not in the Limbs but in the Courage of the Soul


Power is the Firmness not in the Limbs but in the Courage of the Soul
“Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is much higher and truer courage.” ― Wendell Phillips


Do you think you are brave enough because you are physically strong? Do you measure the power with physical fitness of a person? If yes, then you are not going on the wrong track. Yes, physical fitness holds an important place in life, but the moral values of a person make him or her stronger than anything else.

Fighting with an opponent shows your physical strength but the way you handle a situation with morality is your real strength and depicts your courage. However, how does Physical Bravery and Moral Bravery actually differs?

Physical bravery is to fight against physically with your enemy/foe with some force. In normal life, many of us take help of physical bravery, for instance, fighting with someone physically for hurting our loved ones. All of us do have this animal instinct in ourselves but it hardly comes out in any of the situations. It is one hard form of courage found nowadays.

Moral bravery is actually fighting against your own peers, friends or family. How many of you have shunned society or family for not standing up for what you believe? Silence is the answer that you might have not. Moral bravery is typically not related to others but is more to yourself. Do you stand up for your own values, morals and show courage to them who goes against it?

Moral Bravery is, in fact, a very rare gift given to humans. Those who know to be the self and not follow the regular flock, indeed show some courage!

Courage is Your Power

Yes, it’s true that if one person kills 99 animals, we say he is strong. But if one person saves one life then he is Courageous. Courage is truly your power. The person who has the courage to do a thing can conquer the whole world. It is the real power a person can have.

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A Hero Never Quits

Sometimes a situation occurs where a person feels disturbed and quits it. At that time; the physical power does not work. It is the courage that works and that person makes him/her capable of dealing with that tough situation. That’s why we say that moral bravery and courage makes you a hero and not a coward.

Acknowledge Others

Acknowledging others also reflect your moral attitude. Moral strength is the biggest strength anyone could have. If you appreciate others, rather than appreciating your own physical power, then that is your real bravery. Giving moral support to a person builds your real character.

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Be Strong because You have the Courage to Succeed

Success doesn’t demand physical strength. If you have begun something, you can easily get success because you have the courage to complete it. Again, it’s not the matter of physical strength, the more you are morally fit, and the more easily you will get the victory.

Real Support

Courage is the real support of an individual.

Imagine a situation in which you are facing a tough situation. At that very time, you don’t have the option to run away, means your physical power will not save you. Here you have to show your moral courage and think of a solution to get rid of it. Fear may keep you in danger, but the courage will support you until you succeed.

So, courage is your support which can help you in every situation.

Size of Fight

It’s not your size, which makes you a winner in the fight, it’s the size of the fight which makes it clear who is the winner. This line is perfectly true, because the more courage you have, more you can fight for your rights and this courage will surely make you the winner.


In the race of physical strength and moral strength, always moral strength holds the winning position.

This is because you can use the physical strength up to a limit, but the moral strength never leaves you alone. It goes on forever with you. The thing that is needed is being morally strong. If you are morally strong, if you help others in any situation, if you acknowledges others for their good works and if you sought out any situation with great courage, then you are Morally Brave.

Getting triumph over the fear makes you stronger than having physical power. Moral bravery can help you to conquer the fear and will not let you afraid of any kind of situation. The person with moral bravery always has a clear vision to perform anything and full faith in own personality.

That’s why it has been said:

Courage is Infectious and when a morally brave person takes a stand, all others get their spine back.



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