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Push Your Limits And Strive For The Best


Push Your Limits And Strive For The Best
“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” ― Jim Rohn


Life has been always easy for me. I didn’t have a desire for improvising. That’s why; I weighed 110 kg’s at the age of 16.

You see, the easier way is the worst one. I realized that it was a time for a transformation. I went to a gym in the locality and enrolled myself for strength training.

My coach is a fitness freak who participates in bodybuilding competitions. I asked him the mantra of his success. He simply stated that he never settles down.

A motivational line still resonates in my mind- Train Insane or Remain the Same. From that day onwards, I never settle for an easy option, I always push my limits.

Nothing Comes Easy

Do you know 4,300 liters water is required to produce 1 kg of chicken meat? Also, the conventional source of energy like oil and gas takes tens of millions of years to form. So, you thought having chicken sausages and driving your SUV was easy?

In life, nothing comes easy and even if it comes, it is never worth it. When you work hard to achieve something, you know the importance of it.

In India, there is a well-renowned diamond merchant. His net worth is around $38 billion. When his son was ready to join the family business, the father gave him $100 and asked him to leave home and come back after two years.

This young guy went out, searched for accommodation and a job to sustain his life. In two years, he worked as a grocery guy and a sales guy in a food outlet. He used to spend three-fourth of his salary in accommodation and one-fourth for his food.

After two years, he finally came back home. The father asked him about his experience. The guy said that now he knows the importance of hard work, the value of money, and the art of improvising yourself. The father proudly proclaimed that his mission was accomplished and he was happy that his son realized the meaning of life.

Another aspect is that if it were easy, then everybody could have done it. It’s an opportunity for you to grab and prove that you are the best.

Life throws challenges at you and it depends on your capability. Not only capability, but it depends on your enthusiasm, your dedication, and your aspiration to achieve your goals and make your presence feel in the crowd.

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Easy Things Ruin You

In life, you have to develop certain attributes for succeeding in life. When the times are rough, you are exposed to different kinds of hardships. When you fight against these hardships, you will definitely be victorious.

This is important for your overall development and growth in life. But, if you didn’t have to work hard to achieve something if it was easily available to you; life would have been easy and comfortable.

Suppose, all at once, you were deprived of all the luxuries in life. Can you sustain your lifestyle now? You have to start from the scratch and it will take a lot of time to resume it back and trust me, it will be really tough!

If a lion in the zoo is suddenly introduced to its new surroundings of a forest. It will not be able to sustain itself because, in the zoo, it couldn’t learn hunting. Therefore, don’t be a lion in the zoo, instead, be a lion of the jungle.

Push Your Limits

Never settle for anything except the best. If you want to keep growing in your life, you have to push your limits. Sacrifice your present for a bright future.

Remember, you just have one life. In this short life, you have to live it like a King and at the same time, contribute towards society. There are no limits until you decide them for yourself.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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