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Rashi Anand – The Young Social Activist who had Started Working for the Betterment of the Unprivileged People


The word Lakshyam signifies goal or the desired aim of a human. Every person in this world possesses some kind of goal, yet very few of them actually managed to get their desired goal. We all talk about changing the world or act in the various social issues, but very few of us can actually change the world a bit. Very few of us can make the world better place to live and thrive.

Rashi Anand with underprivileged children (Image Source)

Some people in this world had proved that age is just a number. At a very young age also we can do something better for the world if we wish. The story of Rashi Anand just proves this fact. Rashi is the founder of the NGO named Lakshyam which works for the underprivileged children. Her NGO is working for the betterment of the street children.

The Starting of the Dream of Rashi Anand

The inspiration behind the work of Rashi Anand was definitely the street children who are most likely to take up the adverse deeds like begging, drug trafficking, pick pocketing etc. The numbers of these street children are more than thousands in the capital city. So, more than a huge part of the society is under the pressure of heading towards the wrong direction. Rashi had observed that these children are not always doing the wrong thing by choice- they are being forced by the situations. Rashi wanted to give these children a chance at a normal life.

Early Life of Rashi Anand and the NGO Lakshyam

Rashi Anand is the daughter of another social worker. At the tender age of 18, she had joined her mother in the act of social working. The NGO Lakshyam was actually founded by the mother of Rashi, Poonam Anand. Poonam Anand had normally worked for the betterment of the tribal women and in the red light area of Jharkhand. They had established an orphanage in Ranchi, mostly for the deaf and dumb children. Rashi had often joined her mother in the trips of the rural area. She liked these trips to the rural area, as they had given her the chance to explore the lives and poverty of the rural area. She had told that these trips had opened her eyes about the issues and situations the rural people often faces at the time.

Rashi Anand with her mother Poonam Anand (Image Source)

Along with the advantage, Rashi also had a disadvantage for her age. Being very young in her field, she had also faced many challenges. Her ideas were not taken seriously as she was very young. Thus, the authenticity of the NGO was also questioned often.

The Achievements of Rashi so Far

Nowadays, Rashi Anand runs her own event management and advertisement organization named Mirrorz. She had often used her connections and fundraising skill to arrange funds for her own NGO. The street children got the opportunity to meet Salman Khan, the Bollywood star. This was possible through a function organized by Rashi. During this event, Mr. Khan had also arranged some funds for the street children.

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Apart from the glitz and glamour, Lakshyam has created a school named Sakshyam, which is located in a slum area of Vasant Kunj. Here, around 200 children are getting the benefit of education, learning about art and crafts. The workshops are also arranged for the street children, at the red light areas. These workshops are mostly arranged for creating awareness against the drug and tobacco addiction, and other kinds of destructive habits. Today Lakshyam have their presence over the six states of the country, like Delhi, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc.

In the country of extreme contradictions, where the palaces of the millionaires are located just beside the slums, it’s the effort of the people like Rashi in establishing the balance between the two extreme ways of life.


Written By: Sanjay Kumar Patra


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