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Read and Practice – The Golden Combo


Read and Practice – The Golden Combo
“To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” ― Edmund Burke


Almost everyone has read some or other religious scripture some day in his lifetime. But how many do exactly remember the content? Almost everyone tends to forget the texts unless they practice the knowledge they gained from the texts and apply the same in the daily lives.

Every text that someone reads has some value attached with respect to our lives. But often the readers fail to utilise the same knowledge effectively and there goes the complete reading session futile. As the food is wasted when not digested by the body properly, same happens with the knowledge that one acquired by reading but does not reflect the same in his life.

To get the true essence of any writing or text, one should read and practice the same in his day to day life.

A Simple Reading is Futile

The values that one gets to know by reading certain texts should be inculcated into his life immediately so as to derive the maximum benefits from the same and do not let the readings go futile in any way.

If the reader is unable to practice the same, he can preach the knowledge and share the knowledge that he has acquired with others as well. In this way, the knowledge acquired can be utilised in an optimum way. If it is not read and practice, it must be read and preach.

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Read and Assimilate

Assimilate everything that the text offers and expects you to be aware of. An interactive reading and practice session can contribute a great lot towards this purpose. By assimilating all the values associated with a piece of writing or text, one can also enhance his knowledge and of others as well.


The time one spends by reading books and scriptures is one of the noblest times of one’s life. Hence one should not let these moments go waste by adopting necessary measures to derive optimum benefits from the same. Read and practice, is the best and the only method to do justice to these moments.



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