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Read the Shocking Story of this Vadodara Girl Prachi Sukhwani who Scored 98.55% in CAT 2016 despite being Visually Impaired


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Physical discomfort of any sort is very hard to cope with, for almost everybody. We are unable to tolerate even the slightest headache and will do anything to relieve it. But can you imagine the pain of losing a vital bodily function and standing by helpless? Prachi Sukhwani, hailing from Vadodara, Gujarat one day woke up to realise that she would lose her vision, a little every day.

Prachi Sukhwani’s Story is Disappointing and Inspirational at the same time!

Afflicted by Macular Dystrophy since childhood, it resulted in her being physically disabled. But her disability proved to be a strength since she not only overcame it and secured a place in IIM-Ahmedabad, but also achieved her determination to pass the CAT with excellence, without 80% of her vision brought her widespread media attention and fame. A mere 21 years of age, Prachi wrote the CAT 2016 and scored a 98.55%, thus securing a seat in IIM-Ahmedabad, which was her primary goal.

Prachi’s life has been simple, studious, and filled with immense love and support from her family. Perhaps these factors helped her to overcome her blindness and obtain admission in one of the most difficult management schools in India.

Prachi’s parents are simple yet big-hearted people. Her dad owns a garment business and her mother works as an LIC agent. Macular Dystrophy, also known as Retinal Degradation, is a rare, genetic disorder that has slowly robbed her vision since she was in grade 3.

15 years since, she has had to endure several visits to the Doctor at Chennai. Macular Dystrophy cannot be completely cured, only coped with. Prachi has coped with her illness in the most brilliant way possible. In fact, she has conquered her disability splendidly.

She took all efforts necessary to make sure that her disability did not come in the way of her studying. When the reading glasses given to her by her Doctor proved difficult to use, Prachi decided to do away with them.

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Education is not just about a Degree, it is the Foundation for a Bigger Future

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from the Maharaja Sayajirao University’s Faculty of Commerce, Prachi speaks about her future as such,

“My short-term goal is to join a company, preferably a multinational. Once I get some experience, I will have my own start-up. But my long-term goal is to open an NGO for the blind.”

Her elated father gave the following statement about his daughter’s spectacular achievement,

“She got calls from all the top three IIMs; IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Kolkata, and appeared for the interviews.”

Students like Prachi are paving the way forward for the other students as well as the economically backward children of India who face a million difficulties everyday while pursuing basic education.

The present educational environment in India is extremely commercialised with more focus extended towards grades and percentile, and less towards real learning. Prachi has shown that she is not the one among them since her education has helped her overcome a physical disability.

The Simplest of People are often the Strongest

Prachi’s mother’s name is Kanchana and she also has an older sister ‘Nishita’. Kanchana is a homemaker and part-time LIC agent while Nishita obtained a BBA degree from MSU and is currently pursuing an MBA from a private college in Mumbai. The whole family is a shining example for being very hard working and determined.

Lots of praises and admiration have come Prachi’s way in the form of wishes and blessings. Prof. Sharad Bansal, dean of the faculty of commerce at MSU said,

“I have been associated with the BBA programme since its inception in 1993. But this is one of the proudest moments. Prachi deserves special applause for her success. Her success is an inspiration for everybody.”


Written By: Anju V. Nambiar


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