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When You Realise Your Husband is Your Worst Enemy

Domestic Violence is still rampant in Indian society even though there has been tremendous progress in living standards. Several cases of domestic abuse appear in news dailies. Out of these incidents, some of them see the light of justice while others are not even acknowledged, leaving their victims helpless and scarred forever.

Women belonging to economically weaker Indian families are the worst sufferers of domestic abuse since they receive neither sympathy nor help. On the contrary, they are often forced to silently tolerate the atrocities meted out by their husband or in-laws and in worst cases, they are blamed and ostracized for speaking out against the injustice they face.

But thanks to numerous social welfare efforts and social media quickly bringing out the stories of these silent sufferers, we are no longer in the dark about the hardships faced by Indians in their own home.

Humans of Bombay’s Brave Mother

This story is about a woman whose traumatising escape from her husband along with their daughter found its way on the Humans of Bombay Facebook Page.

In the post, we can see the face of a good-natured lady smiling for the camera, not a trace of the million difficulties visible on her face. She shares her story which began very early when she was a young woman, probably in her pre-teens or early teens. Like all other young teens from socially backward families, she was married off to a stranger.

She explains how she accepted her fate mostly because she was young and clueless about the big, bad world outside her parents’ home.

The biggest problem faced by Indian families since a very long time is that female children are considered a burden owing to social evils like Dowry. As such, they are literally rushed off by their parents in the name of marriage, without considering the life and characteristics of the groom in much depth.

There is no information available about the lady. The Facebook post only mentions her traumatising story in which she says that a few days into her marriage, her so-called “husband” started coming home late at night, drunk and violent. He would yell and physically harm her, but she still tolerated his atrocities without a word.

She further says that he forbade her from going out of the house to work but would constantly torture her about household expenses. She finally had the last straw when he picked up their daughter one night and threatened to harm her. After much pleading, he spared the child, mostly because he was too drunk to function.

The next day, she made up her mind and fled with her precious daughter. Thankfully, her sister welcomed both mother and daughter with open arms.

When a Woman Takes Charge of Her Own Destiny

Finally, this brave lady decided to put her past behind her completely when she took up a job as a household help either cooking, sweeping, or washing utensils. She immersed herself so fully in her work that she gradually started working at quite a few houses every day, thus increasing her income by a good margin.

She was finally able to purchase living space for herself and her daughter. Throughout this journey, the little daughter took on the role of her mother’s strength and support. She learned to take care of herself in her mother’s absence, studied hard at school, and finally got a job. Today, both mother and daughter are happily living together without a worry in the world.


This beautiful story teaches us that women are neither weak nor less by the slightest margin in comparison with men. When a woman is showered with love and adoration, she becomes a source of abundance to her loved ones. But when she is abused by the very person who promised to protect her, she turns into a warrior, destroying bad relationships and being a fierce protector of her children.

We salute the bravery of this nameless mother.


Written By: Anju V. Nambiar


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