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Respect Of All Human Rights: Key To A Peaceful World


Respect Of All Human Rights: Key To A Peaceful World
“To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” ― Nelson Mandela


The Concept of Human Rights

All of you might have a good idea about the concept of human rights. These rights are referred to as the universal set of rights that is provided to each and every human being on this planet.

These universal rights are designed in a way keeping in mind that it is same for everyone irrespective of their caste, creed and color.

Unlike the constitutional rights or laws, these aren’t found somewhere written on the pages. These are meant to satisfy our humanity and the purpose of leading a meaningful life.

The motive of us is to respect the human rights that will prove to be the key to a peaceful world.

“In human rights and peacemaking, it’s really about having a solid concrete goal – the reduction of human suffering somewhere in the world – and then doing what is required to get that goal achieved.”
― John Prendergast

The Violation Seen in the Modern World towards the Human Rights

It’s easy on the part of us to say everything is going smoothly in this regard but the concept of this universal set of rights is far too complex.

There exists a tremendous amount of components that hamper in achieving the motive of respecting the human rights. Terrorism, assassination, and various other norms are the ones that add to the violation of human rights.

The economy structure existing in this world also plays its role. Not every citizen is treated with how he should be due to these factors.

On the basis of caste, creed, color and religion, a large portion of the population faces stiff criticism and vehement discrimination in this world, which is just a shameful fact to bear.

“Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.”
― Pope Francis

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What is the Real Solution to have a Key to a Peaceful World?

Well, the perfect solution is to protect these set of human rights no matter how harsh and difficult the situations become. All the relations should be honest.

No one should keep any negative thoughts regarding someone. That is the solution to earn mutual respect amongst all the citizens.

The whole world should confine itself to be one strong family when it faces these disastrous conditions like terrorism and assassination.

The violation of human rights should be the main concern in everyone’s mind and we must find ways to stop this from taking place.

“Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of family, country, justice and human dignity.”
― Imelda Marcos

The EndNote

Human rights are truly the basic components in every possible civilization. You just can’t deny the fact that these set of universal rights have got invaluable importance of their own.

And it is the utmost duty of everyone to respect the human rights in order to prove the worth of our very existence in this planet.

“Human rights are a universal standard. It is a component of every religion and every civilization.”
― Shirin Ebadi



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