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Secrets To Perpetual Achievement In Life


Secrets To Perpetual Achievement In Life
“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” ― Pele


We are constantly battling the fundamental darkness in us when it comes to really achieving something in life. Now what exactly does fundamental darkness mean? In simpler terms, these are the illusions & self-slander that prevent us from seeing our very own potentials to achieve victory in life.

All of us have our own courage, wisdom, joy and compassion in varying measures. The ultimate secret, however, that helps us win finally is our ability to identify our strengths and to use them accordingly. The failure to do this, on the other hand, stops us from the achievement of our goals.

Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International, a prominent body that propagates the Buddhism of 12th Century Japanese Buddhist monk, Nichiren Daishonin has this to say:

“When you fear hardships, bemoan and resent your environment, you are actually losing confidence in your abilities to overcome your circumstances, no matter how difficult they are. Moreover, when you turn to others with the hope that they will be your saviors, blame others for your problems, or give in to resignation and hopelessness, you have lost the battle even before it begins. That’s why no matter what obstacles may come our way, you must never, ever retreat – not even a single step. Never allow obstacles to alarm or startle you. As the lion, the King of the jungle, never retreats in front of any enemy, so must you. Your victory will be inevitable, no matter what.”

That’s why when we truly battle hard or struggle for something that we really want from the core of our hearts and finally get it, the joy of winning is even more. For instance, if you have really worked hard for an examination and come out with flying colors, your joy is bound to be endless. Thus, when faced with difficulties on your path to success, remember the following:

Overcome that Fundamental Darkness

Your win comes only from your indomitable spirit not to moan or complain about your shortcomings, not losing your confidence and the diehard attitude never to give up or retreat. If you sincerely say, “I am going to win,” nothing on earth can stop you.

Achievement Stems from Confidence

The truly confident person never thinks he is useless while others are more proficient, talented and active. Moreover, he motivates himself to achieve his goal till the end, never lets his courage dip, perpetually disallows his weaknesses to get the better of him or feels drained of mental or physical energy. It’s the finishing line that matters to him most and all that he keeps in his line of vision.

Keep Negativities at Bay

Victory always comes to those who are positive. This means those who don’t whine and moan, try to control others, are unselfish in sharing personal wisdom and knowledge with others, show due gratitude to people and take true responsibility make it to the finishing line first.

Accept Life as it Comes

Life undoubtedly is a perpetual struggle between darkness and light. Those who accept this and turn struggle into a spirited and joyful combat instead of viewing it as a painful ordeal, ultimately win. To them, every obstacle is a motivation to move on. They rejoice at hurdles instead of retreating. That’s why the joy of winning is even more to them. To them, the joy of a success is just the same as frustration arising from a failure and this is what keeps them going.

Winners are like Forged Steel

The more steel is forged, the tougher it becomes. So achievement comes to those who firmly believe that all hurdles and failures will make better warriors out of them. They conquer their inner demons through deep determination as if they were trying to light a fire from damp wood or extracting water from parched ground.


The sweet taste of victory always has its share of the salt and sour also. Not everything in life is a cakewalk. But it all depends again with what kind of a mindset you approach a hurdle or obstacle and finally overcome it. It’s always that combination of courage, the never say die spirit and an iron-like willpower that delivers the desired results.


Written By: Biproarshi Guha



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