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Selflessness and Unbiased Attitude of the Leader: The Backbone of a Successful Group


Selflessness and Unbiased Attitude of the Leader: The Backbone of a Successful Group
“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” ― Arnold H. Glasow


Assembling a group of people who would collectively work for a common purpose is the key for every successful venture. However every such group needs to be coordinated by a leader. And every group leader needs to have certain key qualities that would be highly beneficial for the group as a whole. A leader should never let his personal desires and feelings interfere the decisions associated with the group and should get collective views from the members before taking any decision. A selfless and unbiased attitude is what makes a leader good at his job.

Selfless and Unbiased Motives

While functioning, the group might achieve milestones and successes. In such cases, an ideal group leader should be selfless and unbiased and accredit the success to the contributions of every member and not himself alone. Irrespective of the amount of effort he himself has put in for achieving the target, an ideal leader should take minimal credit for his own work and acknowledge other contributions. A group with a leader with selfless and unbiased attitude yields the expected results.

An Ideal Leader takes Responsibility of the Whole Group

If there are instances when the group faces any problems in the running, the leader should step forward to take the blame and work towards taking necessary steps to yield better results. An ideal leader should not blame others directly. Rather he should consider it as his own responsibility to keep the functioning of the group smooth and work towards achieving the same.

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A Company’s Functioning

Every company can be considered as a group with the leader as the managing director or the CEO and the employees being the group members. When the company achieves success, if the leader accredits the work of employees for this success and takes less credit for himself, he can easily gain their support and the employees would be satisfied as well. Similarly in case of troubles, he should take the major blame and implement necessary measures for betterment.


By adopting these practices, the leader can gain the trust of every member of the group and the group can hence yield great results. A selfless and unbiased attitude is what differentiates a great leader from a normal one. This attitude is highly vital for the smooth functioning of a group.



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