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Share Sweet Words, Smile, or Open Up Your Grateful Heart without Losing Anything

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.”


Share Sweet Words, Smile, or Open Up Your Grateful Heart without Losing Anything
“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.” ― Zig Ziglar


When you share sweet words with somebody, you get better treatment in reciprocation. Behaving properly does not cost you a penny. There are various ways through which you can easily interact very positively with others.

You can simply smile at others, share sweet words or open up your grateful heart. To do all these things you won’t have to lose anything…you can still keep your word, smile, and your grateful heart.

When you do all of the above things, you transmit positivity, goodwill, trust, mutual understanding, and enhanced relationship with others.

Give and still Keep Your Word

This expression means when you share sweet words with others, you won’t lose anything. You can still keep your words. Talking to somebody nicely would show how good behaved person you are.

It has several benefits for you and your relationship with other people. When you share sweet words, it soothes the listener, provides him/her a sense of affirmation, and also makes him/her more comfortable with you.

Sometimes when you share sweet words, it would inspire and motivate the person to whom you talk. By doing this your word stock won’t be decreased or exhausted. Instead it leads your bonding with other people.

It works both for a known person as well as an unknown person. When you share sweet words, you display your maturity, humane nature, and your empathy towards others.

You can do this with your family members, relatives, colleagues, shopkeepers, strangers, and others with whom you interact on a daily basis.

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Give a Smile and Still Keep It

Smiling is a positive statement of your personality. It shows how much you are approachable to others. It enhances your personality and spread a sense of pleasantness around you.

It acts as an aura of your character or persona. It makes others believe that you are friendly, acceptable, and non-threatening. Smiling also brings warmth to a conversation, a confrontation, or a convention.

Sometimes, an unadulterated smile can work better than your words. A smile can strengthen any relationship instantly. It helps in dealing with your clients, colleagues, or a courtship.

OSHO once said “Sometimes a smile, a giggle can say more than words do; words are not that articulate. And if you use words where a smile is enough you will only spoil the game.”

You can imagine what the power of a smile is.

Through a smile, you can establish a good relationship across customs, societies, and boundaries. A smile is very inspiring that spread a kind of social chemical.

Sometimes SMILE is loosely defined as a very long word as it contains ‘MILE’.

Smiling at strangers brings them closer to you. A smile can melt a ‘hard’/ angry person in seconds. A smile has both an energetic as well as cooling effect.

When a doctor or a nurse treats a patient with a smile on his/her mouth, it has an extra effect on the patient. A smile can expatiate the healing process.

You must have noticed that a mother communicates with her tiny kid with a smile only. The baby reciprocates his/her mother’s smile with an innocent smile. At that time smiling is the only way they communicate with each other.

The best part is when you smile you won’t do anything. Rather smiling has many positive effects on your own body and mind.

Open Up Your Grateful Heart without Losing Anything

When you open your grateful heart to others, you won’t lose anything. Opening your grateful heart simply means loving unconditionally, expressing your thankfulness, or helping somebody empathetically.

By doing this you display your character as a person…a person who is great, loving, elevated, and godly. It also means you show gratitude and are grounded.

All these make you a better person and spread the spirit of love, compassion, and humanity. On the other hand, the people around you also feel good, comfortable, and thankful to you.

When you open up your grateful heart to others, you liberate your heart, mind, and soul to others around you and the whole world.

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What Happens When You Give Your Word, a Smile, and a Grateful Heart?

When you talk nicely with others with a serene smile on your face and with your grateful heart, it has multiple spiraling effects on the counterpart. Let me jot down the effects below;

    • You radiate a sense of gratitude to others
    • Your sweet words make others comfortable that allow others to communicate with you at ease
    • Your spread positivity and create a non-hostile ambiance through your smile


Communication is the greatest tool that makes any relationship stronger, meaningful, and long-lasting. It is possible when you open up your grateful heart, be grateful to others, and talk to them sweetly wearing a pure smile on your lips.

The best part is, that you can do all of these without losing anything. So, from now on you can practice this when you communicate with others known to you or with strangers. You can see your experience would be wonderful, magical, and captivating.

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