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4 Short Stories that are Source of Knowledge and Moral Values

“The deepest words of the wise man teach us the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows or the sound of the water when it is flowing.”


4 Short Stories that are Source of Knowledge and Moral Values
“The deepest words of the wise man teach us the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows or the sound of the water when it is flowing.” ― Antonio Machado


I remember reading short stories which were great sources of knowledge and taught moral values. Even before I could read, my mother used to tuck me in and narrate short stories that were a source of knowledge and moral values.

Whenever I forget to slow down and cherish the simple things in life, the remembrance of those short stories save me.

Here are 4 such short stories which are a great source of knowledge and moral values for teenagers and adults who, like me, are living the modern life the modern way.

1. The Rich Man’s Dilemma: What Makes One Happy?

Once a rich man went to see a saint who was known to be a source of knowledge. He told him his dilemma. He was rich and had moral values but did not know how to be happy. The saint asked him to juggle three balls, one made of ceramic, one of glass and one of rubber.

The man started going as instructed. Eventually, he lost coordination and the ceramic ball was about to fall. The man quickly dropped the rubber ball and caught the ceramic ball.

The saint asked him why he did that. The man answered that the rubber ball wouldn’t break but had the ceramic ball fallen, it would have broken. The saint told him that the balls represent priorities in life.

The ceramic ball represents family and friends, the glass ball represents the necessities in life such as a job, house and food and the rubber ball represents luxury. Till now, the man had been dropping the ceramic ball and that was the reason for his unhappiness.

The saint told him that we can only juggle a limited number of balls. So, when the need comes, to be truly happy, we should drop our luxuries and focus on our dear ones and our basic necessities.

This story served as a big source of knowledge for me as it made me to stop and think which ball I have been saving and if it was making me truly happy.

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2. Bowl of Noodles: A Short Story about Moral Values

“Compassion is the basis of morality.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Again, Sue had a fight with her mother and deemed it best to leave the house. It was a cold night and she was hungry. She came across a noodle shop but didn’t have the money to buy a bowl.

The owner caught her eye. He seemed like a kind man with moral values. He invited her in but Sue told him she didn’t have any money. The man insisted and told her she didn’t have to pay. Sue accepted the invitation.

While eating, she narrated her story to the man. The man told her that she was grateful to him after just one bowl of noodles. While her mother had raised her, fed her numerous nourishing meals.

The man told her that with time, we tend to take the people in our lives and the things they do for us for granted. It is then when we start making unreasonable demands and having unrealistic expectations. This was against moral values.

The man was a great source of knowledge to Sue. She understood her mistake and went back home to apologise, only to find her mother at the gate with dinner in her hand, waiting for Sue.

I learned that no matter how many moral values we have, if we take our loved ones for granted, we’ll definitely hurt them.

This story was a source of knowledge and enlightenment for me and made me go and hug my near ones.

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3. The Weight of Glass: A Source of Knowledge

Once a psychology professor raised a glass of water in her class and asked the students its weight. The students were bewildered by the bizarre question but attempted guesses.

The teacher then told them all that the weight of the glass is how heavy it weighs in her hands. The longer she would hold it, the heavier it would feel in her hand.

The same, she told her students, was the case with grief, regret and anger. The longer we hold onto these emotions, the heavier they feel. Eventually, we might succumb.

As members of the human race, we cannot avoid these feelings. But, we should also remember to put them down.

In this story, the glass served as a source of knowledge.

I realised how important it is to analyse our feelings and understand them, and let them go at the right time.

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4. The Determination of Roebling

“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”
― Mark Twain

In 1883, an engineer named John Roebling who was an eminent figure and a source of knowledge, dreamed of connecting New York with Long Island.

The world laughed at him, called him crazy but he persevered. He teamed up with his son, Washington, another engineer, for the project.

The father-son duo started working on the bridge. The project started well but only a few months later, a tragic accident took John’s life and handicapped Washington. Washington was rendered unable to visit the construction site.

But, his father’s dream in him still burnt bright. With the help of his wife, Emily Roebling and her self taught knowledge of bridge construction, the project resumed.

This time, Washington’s wife was passing on his instructions. After 13 long years, the bridge was finally finished and was named, The Brooklyn Bridge.

This story about determination and perseverance truly amazed me. John Roebling, Washington Roebling and Emily Roebling achieved an extraordinary feat with their strong will and moral values.

Their story serves as a source of knowledge and inspiration to everyone working hard for their dreams.


Everything and anything can be a source of knowledge and moral values if one is keen to learn.

These short stories made me think about my life, my decisions and reevaluate my own moral values. They served my intellect by being much needed sources of knowledge.

Moreover, they made me feel like I had been hugged by a blanket of comfort. So, I am extending this hug to my readers.

Do you know any story that is a source of knowledge and moral values? Share with us below in the comment section!



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  1. These stories are very much thought provoking and blissful. Hats off to the author . Keep up the spirit of innovation and inspiring others…

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