Smile is an Inexpensive Jewel to Enhance Your Beauty


“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” ― John Ray


Smile is a very little thing, which got high value in our lives. Any pain, sorrows, hatred can be healed with the power of smile. A smile makes you beautiful than any other material does. You don’t have to pay a single penny for smiling. All it needs is your heart and heartfelt love.


A Simple Curve (Smile) can make Everything Straight!

The one who love themselves will never forget to smile always. There will be positive thoughts radiating from a person who smiles. Irrespective of gender, a smile is a must to complete the beauty. It is called as the sword of beauty because of its sharpness in giving a great impression to others in a single look.

Nowadays doctors say being happy and smiling can cure lots of illness and stress in this busy life. Carry a simple smile on your face all the time. It has dual advantages of making you look attractive meanwhile making others around you feel wonderful. Spreading happiness without spending anything is possible only by smile.

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Significance of a Smile

There are lot many advantages of smiling. It will not just make you look beautiful; it also has following important factors to consider:

1. Smile Spreads Happiness

Just a curve line on your face can change the mood of entire room. Wherever you are, keep smiling. How easy or difficult the situations may be, never forget to smile. It can give you so many things without any cost. It is worth practicing for your lifetime.

2. Smiling is the Best Exercise

Just because smile comes for free, never take it for granted. Whenever you get a chance, express it on your lips. It is such a tool, which can be the cause of joy, and sometimes an inspiration for someone other’s smile. So, smile, laugh a loud, it all makes sense when you want to boost up your beauty spending nothing.

3. Reduces Stress

Smile is equal to meditation when it comes to health factors. It can sooth your mind and relax your body from all the stress you have got. Forgetting the difficulties and enjoying the present is what smile does. No medicine can work like a smile do to your soul and body.

4. Spread Smile

Smiling will not only help you in relieving from stress. It can even cure your surroundings. Be happy when you are with your friends. Keep a smile on your face when you are back to home from office. All these simple habits can lead to bigger changes in the behavior of your loved ones. Your family and children will be happy to see you smiling.

5. Smile Gets You Good Relationships

Because of smiling, you will be able to welcome new relationships every day. People will love to spend time with you. Your relationship with your loved ones will become much stronger. Your attractive gesture with a beautiful smile is all needed to make someone your friend.


Smile is a way of showing kindness to your fellow beings. What you can all do is to smile to enhance your internal and external beauty, why don’t you start it right now? Have a smile on your face every time and be ready to experience its positivity. Your beauty becomes powerful when you smile.

Always remember,

Smile is the biggest weapon and every Smile conveys the same thing!


Written By: Hetal Kabra


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