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Smile To Make The World Smile With You – 12 Benefits of Smiling


Smile To Make The World Smile With You - 12 Benefits of Smiling
“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” ― William Arthur Ward


Smile is the universal language of kindness; it is also the easiest language to learn and express. Even babies know it. In fact babies smile a lot, because their hearts are pure and full of joy and happiness.

A smile radiates warmth, openness and friendliness. It also communicates happiness and generosity, make the other person feel good and reciprocate the feeling.

A smile requires just 13 muscles to work, whereas a frown takes 64 muscles; yet most people often smile less and frown more. People who do not smile much consider themselves over-burdened and stressed, yet they do not realize how their smile can help them make their loads lighter.

When you smile at a person, it breaks the ice. A warm smile goes deep into the person’s heart making him open up. Smile is more than an expression of one’s attitude and friendliness. It also works wonders for the person who smiles a lot.

12 Benefits of Smiling

Besides the fact that smiling is a sign of friendliness in all cultures and societies of the world; smiling has several tangible benefits that are being discovered through scientific research.

Here are 12 benefits of smiling that you may like to consider:

1. Smiling Makes You Happier

Smiling releases endorphins in your blood stream. These are ‘happy hormones’ that makes you feel happy.

2. Smiling Reduces Your Stress

When you smile most of the time, Cortisol is reduced. Cortisol is a hormone that increases stress and also brings about cardiovascular ailments. Smiling reduces stress and blood pressure.

3. Smiling Lifts Up Your Moods

Whether you feel depressed or upset over something, smiling will always bring back your composure and the ability to deal with your assigned task enthusiastically.

4. Smiling Reflects Your Friendly Disposition

People like those who smile a lot. They have more friends than those who are always grumpy and complaining. Smiles reflect a friendly attitude that is easy for people to relate with.

5. A Warm Smile Makes You Look Trustworthy and Confident

When you attend a job or a selection interview, a smile conveys confidence and a trustworthy appeal. People, who smile, have a better chance to succeed in an interview as compared to those who look unsmiling, disinterested or lack enthusiasm.

6. Smile Makes You More Productive

Good hormones like Dopamine make you feel more confident and competent. This helps boosts your enthusiasm and combat mental fatigue.

7. Smiling Boosts Your Natural Immunity

A cheerful smile boosts natural immunity. A person who smiles a lot is a healthy person. It works at several levels in our body, from lungs taking in more oxygen to kidneys flushing out the toxic wastes more efficiently.

8. Smile Creates A Congenial Atmosphere Around You

A smile creates more smiles. It diffuses the tension and makes people more relaxed and friendly. Such an atmosphere leads to greater bonhomie and team-spirit. It boosts productivity and leads to the success of the group.

9. Smiling Lessens Regrets

Often people feel unhappy, sad or angry about their past. Regret not only wastes time, it also undermines one’s efficiency and vitality. A person who smiles often has little regret over the past events, which is another positive aspect.

10. Smiling Makes A Person Look Attractive

Everyone knows why people like to be photographed while smiling. Smiling makes a person look attractive. It also makes him not only look younger but actually makes a person stay younger and youthful.

11. Smiling Banishes Negative Thoughts

Is it possible to indulge in negative thinking or having a negative mental attitude, while smiling? Try this and you will find that the moment you start smiling, you recall your positive mental attitudes and start feeling positive again.

12. Smiling is Contagious and Spreads Joy and Cheer

As the saying goes, ‘When you smile, the world smiles with you’, it is very true that smile is contagious and spreads very soon. When one enters a room, or any place full of people, a warm smile makes others smile too and the whole atmosphere becomes relaxed and friendlier.


There are many more benefits that researchers are working on. In fact, these amazing benefits were known to people, but only now they are being backed by rigorous research.

The best part is, smiles are free, and you can smile and pass it on as much as you want. So just do it. Keep smiling!



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