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Strive to Find a Friend Who Shows Reliability and Commitment


Strive to Find a Friend Who Shows Reliability and Commitment
“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” ― William Shakespeare


Friendship though very pleasing and exceptionally blessed, sometimes may be the root cause of the greatest misery to you when it lacks trust and worth in it.

Getting a good friend makes the life sweet, while a false friend makes the life full of bitterness. It is therefore rightly said that it is hard to find reliability in friendship. Once you have found reliability in your friend, then your life is much more simplified.

Identify Real Friends

People who praise you every time in front of your face or stand by you at your best times may not be always real friends. Sometimes there are a herds of friend who praise you only to get your favours and stand by you when you posses fame, power, richness, but once you have nothing left, they will disappear.

The real friend is the one who supports you in your ups and downs but flatterers stand with you only when you stand. It suggests that you need to identify the real friends from a collection of different friends and make a cautious decision for the same.

Your life can be easier, once you are able to give place to right persons in your life that is true friends with reliability and a sense of confidence.

A flatterer friend is not honest. Such a friend must not be considered trustworthy as when you are through troubled times, he or she will not support you.

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Learn from the Behaviour of Wind

Wind has no any certain destination nor direction to blow but it drifts continuously. It originates from one direction and departs through another. Wind has no any commitments nor gives any sense of reliability.

Similar to the wind, some friend just comes and gives you hollow advice but they are not authentic. They sound like the gusting wind but they do not create any meaning in your life.

A true friend unlike a blowing wind is a friend in every modes of life who stands with you in your good as well as bad times equally. You can judge the behaviour of true friendship by learning from the behaviour of wind which is drifting and unreliable.

A true friend stands with you, stands up for you, and doesn’t dither in his support as the wind does. If you have discovered such a friend, you have achieved a pronounced source of power. If you are that friend, Deity’s influence is functioning through you!

Develop Reliability in Friendship

A reliable friend knows how to hold you when you are being hurt, how to communicate love with touch; and also reinstate confidence with a superior grip.

To get the same in return, you should equally show the feeling of trust and reliability to the friend in good as well as bad time.

Once you have developed dependability and reliability in your friendship, you will find that you have attained a precious gift of world which will be with you to support at all the time in your life.

You can show consistency in a true friendship by not simply uttering kind and sweet words, but expressing corrective and preventive advices at accurate time.

Developing reliability permits you to feel safe with friends, safe to make plans and to share yourselves and your lives. At the same time reliability in friendship demands you to keep your promises, trusts and express demonstrations of dependability, admiration, and respect.

Learn to Make Commitments for Friends

Commitment is the utmost need for successful continuation of friendship for lifetime. To talk about commitment in an easily chosen friendship sounds like an oxymoron.

Reliable friendship cannot be coerced or manipulated without commitment. Friendship requires respecting the freedom of the individual.

When you commit to becoming a part of friend’s lives in a team or social state, you are committing yourself to being a reliable friend.

As faithful friends are hard to find, it becomes your responsibility to inspire and encourage the feeling of developing reliability and faithfulness in friendship to get in return.



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