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Struggling Past Could Bring You Success One Day

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”


Struggling Past Could Bring You Success One Day
“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” ― Sigmund Freud


A Struggling Past is an Integral Part of Our Lives

The struggle is a part and parcel of most human beings. Let us have a look at the history of the genesis and growth of human beings. We can understand that struggle has been always there from early to modern humans.

Human beings have struggled with making tools & weapons for safety & hunting, getting adequate food, controlling fire, constructing homes, doing agriculture, and establishing settlements.

They have also struggled for discovering and inventing in other areas during the entire evolution period till this age of the IT revolution.

Is Struggle Negative or Positive?

The struggle is generally taken as a negative statement in our lives. It is treated as negative as it has a connotation of difficulty, suffering, unhappiness, coping, striving, tackle, toil, etc.

But on the other hand, it also means making an enormous effort which is positive. What do you think about it? What’s your view on it?

You might be aware that most discoveries and inventions are a result of lots of effort and struggle. Scientists, politicians, social scientists & reformers, religious leaders, and many others have struggled before they could establish themselves.

Many of them have had a bad period in their initial days. If you follow the life of Alva Edison, you would be aware of the fact that efforts after a struggling period would bring you success.

Let’s examine a few examples!!!

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The “Failure” and “Success” of Thomas Alva Edison

Do you know about the famous scientist Thomas Edison who invented the electric light bulb? His teachers used to tell him “a stupid who can hardly learn anything”.

From his initial two jobs, he was dismissed. He was leveled as “non-productive.” He made nearly one thousand failed efforts to invent the electric light bulb.

His contemporary scientists made fun of him and heavily criticized his attempts. They were not ready to accept his success and were jealous of his invention.

Once a media person asked him, “what is your feeling about your failed attempts for one thousand times?”

His reply was “it was not my failure for one thousand times. I could find that you can’t make an electric light bulb in these one thousand ways. Thus I’ve discovered one thousand ways in which you can’t invent the electric light bulb.”

So, Edison’s initial failure was not a setback for him. Rather those were his struggle that reaped fruits aftermath.

In 1872, Leo Tolstoy said in one of his books “God sees the truth, but late.”

We are Happy Today as We had a Struggling Past

You need to know that you can’t achieve anything too easily. In every step of your achievement, you ought to encounter uncertainty, fear, problems, and anxiety. But all aspects of your pre-achievement also contain some or other stint of success.

The moment of achievement is always a pleasant moment for you. The pleasant moment would have been preceded by many undesirable and unpleasant moments. But those struggling moments are not altogether wasted. Rather, those moments were necessary for the ultimate success that you would be cherished and cheer for.

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Learning from My Mistakes and Marching towards a Better “Me”

I had a struggling past during my school days in respect of my study and results. Until standard 8th, I was a poor student who used to fail in many subjects.

From 6th to 7th class I could secure third-class marks and between 8th and 9th standard, I was still struggling and secured second class marks. But in my matriculation examination (10th standard) I could secure the first division.

Later, I was having 12th position in my University for my Graduation degree. But in Masters and M. Phil degrees, I was the topper in my University.

In every step of my study, I’d experienced troublesome moments, but I have taken failures in my stride and kept trying hard to study and learn more, making me more disciplined and taking others’ criticism positively.

All of my hard work and habit of learning from my mistakes strengthened my resolve to transform me from a “poor” tagged student to a student with a tag of “university topper”.

After that, I could crash UGC NET Fellowship and many other entrance/examinations.

Learning from the Struggle of an Ant and a Spider

Let me share how two very tiny creatures could inspire, influence, and instigate two great kings to win battles after severe defeats.

After all, a struggling past could bring you success if you consistently seeking that.

An Ant Inspired the King Amir Timur

Do you know that ants carry foodstuff that is 50 times heavier than its weight? Once Amir Timur retreated into a forest and refused in a cave after he lost a battle and his thrown.

He saw a black ant carrying a load of grain was trying to climb the wet and slippery wall of the cave and failing to succeed. The ant made six failed attempts before getting the taste of success on its seventh attempt. In its seventh attempt, the ant could carry the grain and reached its destination.

By seeing this, Amir Timur was greatly inspired by the efforts of the ant. He forgot his struggling past and started to reorganize his army to defeat his enemy.

Now you could understand how years of struggle could bring you success fighting all odds.

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Robert the Bruce was Inspired by a Spider’s Struggle

Robert the Bruce also known as Robert I was a Scottish king between 1306 and 1329. He was a very popular warrior of his time. He had led Scotland against England in its 1st War of independence.

During a bad time, he saw the struggle of a spider and was greatly inspired by it. The king saw that after a lot of setbacks the spider could accomplish success in its mission.

The feat of the spider influenced the king to fight back against England. He decided to get rid of his struggling past and fight against the king of England.

In 1314, the king defeated England in the Bannockburn battle. Finally the king realized that efforts after a struggling period could bring you success and satisfaction.

In these two instances, very tiny creatures like an ant and a spider displayed struggle to succeed which inspired two kings who eventually got succeeded in their effort.


The current efforts of human beings and their struggling past are inseparable. They are the both sides of the same coin. To achieve something, you need to try hard and understand that success does not come your way very easily.

If you have a struggling past that would bring you success one day. The taste of success after years of struggle would bring a sense of satisfaction to you.

Finally, you would see that years of struggle would bring success for you which is the most beautiful thing to happen to you.



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