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“Use other people’s success as inspiration, not competition. Their win doesn’t equal your loss.”
— Johannes Larsson

Tags: Success, Inspiration

“Never chase opportunities. Let it come to you by creating value and building rare skillsets.”
— Johannes Larsson

Tags: Opportunities, Value

“If you wake up every morning with a clear intention to make this particular day into a day where you get a little closer to your dreams, eventually, you will find yourself living your dreams.”
— Johannes Larsson

Tags: Dreams, Intention, Find Yourself

“It’s easy to be happy when the sun is shining. It’s when you can be happy on the cloudy days that you’re truly happy.”
— Johannes Larsson

Tags: Happy, Happiness

“Religion is just an identity and faith is a matter of choice.”
— Wangnao

Tags: Religion, Faith

“Things are changing steady and slow,
Life is going to come in a regular flow!!
Happiness is an illusion, light the candle and smile to blow,
Don’t stop writing, let your words forever glow!!”
— Harpreet Gaba

Tags: Change, Life, Happiness, Light, Writing, Words, Inspiration

“The best way to apologize is to make the issue right.”
— Busayo Durojaiye

Tags: Apologize, Issue, Right

“No relation or friendship ends it naturally its the human which kills them emotionally…”
— Heanish Maghnani

Tags: Relations, Cruel Reality, Value

“Just Keep Grinning Till The World Stops Spinning.”
— Chetan Gowda

Tags: Uplifting, Motivational, Happy

“To become same you have to simply follow the path but to become different you have to create the path.”
— Heanish Maghnani

Tags: Be Different, Be Champion, Path, Create

“Ordinarily, it’s normal to serve out the people we love when they require it, but there’s a distinction between helping and enabling. Helping supports the individual. Enabling supports the addiction.”
— Yamini Ramesh

Tags: Addiction Recovery, Drug Rehabilitation, Addiction Treatment, Treatment

“Quitters can never be winners. They are murderers of their own dreams.”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Quitters, Winners, Dreams, Success

“Optimism is infectious. If you find yourself being dragged down by sadness, find an optimistic companion. Having an optimistic person in your life can change the way you look at life!”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Optimism, Positivity, Optimistic, Positive

“Look at the positive aspects and you will never have a bad day in your life!”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Positive, Positive Aspects, Life, Motivation

“Give it a try! If you do not try, you shall regret the decision for the rest of your life. Great minds have achieved so much in life through faith, patience and hard work. I am not saying that it will be easy but not trying is an act of a coward! Put your best foot forward and make it happen! Never let the fear of failure come in the way!’’
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Try, Decision, Life, Faith, Hard Work, Failure, Fear Of Failure

“If you had to crush someone else’s dream or aspiration to be successful, you cannot call it success.’’
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Dream, Successful, Success

“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Tags: Act, Pleasure, Prayer

“The greatest service to humanity consists in empowering the needy and the poor.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: Service To Humanity, Empowering

“Having a life without any madness is like singing a song without any rhythm.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Life, Madness, Rhythm

“One cannot find his true potential unless someone cherish it.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Potential, Cherish, True Potential

“Working everyday in a different way with the sense of learning will bring joy, not burden.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Work, Joy, Burden, Learning

“People can only understand something if they are willing to be understood.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Understand, Willing, Understood

“Our destiny lies in our thinking quality and how we react to it.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Destiny, Thinking Quality, React

“Everyone has that one Special Quality which no one has in the whole World.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Special Quality, Quality

“No one is a born leader as leadership is a hard-earned trait of one’s personality.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: Leader, Leadership, Personality

“Pain is the reflection of your determination which creates perfection.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Pain, Reflection, Determination, Perfection

“True leaders are the guardians of future.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: True Leaders, Leaders, Future, Leadership

“An achiever always thinks innovative and works creative.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Achiever, Innovative, Creative

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