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“Your worst enemy is your own inner fear. Defeat it and the world will be yours.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: Enemy, Fear, Defeat

“There is always something to learn from every person you meet in your life.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Learn, Meet, Life

“To be modern is essential, but without losing your mind.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Modern, Essential, Losing Mind

“Friendship is a thankless relation wherein if there is any leakage, the bond can never be that strong again.”
— Hetal Kabra

Tags: Friendship, Relation, Bond

“Materialistic life is the graveyard of humanity.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: Life, Humanity, Materialistic

“Life is a juggernaut of pluses and minuses.”
— Deepa Sharma

Tags: Life, Pluses, Minuses

“A liar can be believed for a couple of times but an honest person will be believed by everyone forever.”
— Hetal Kabra

Tags: Honesty, Liar

“I have been a motivator, and I never give up. When our mind thinks positively, we attract the best that life has to offer us.”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Motivator, Mind, Positivity, Never Give Up, Life

“When you love with all your heart, you sit down with your partner and find solutions. Doubting and being insecure turns you into a horrible person. Why waste so much energy? Look him/her in the eye and tell them how you feel! Communication is the key in a relationship.”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Love, Heart, Partner, Doubt, Feeling, Communication, Relationship

“Create a fun environment for the child. If you scare or disappoint them, they would never be able to view the subject through a positive lens. A child takes it very seriously! Add some fun, and make it interactive. The child will love the subject once you involve them in the process of learning!”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Education, Learning, Positive

“If someone loves you truly, they would know that you are not perfect, but they will fall in love with your imperfections.”
— Anshu Choudhary

Tags: Love, Perfect, Imperfections, Fall In Love

“If you are giving best at your work, then you must have confidence in it.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Work, Confidence, Giving Best

“Self-belief is what makes us successful.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Self-belief, Belief, Successful

“Being responsible at your work not only enhances your workability but also increases your dignity.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Responsible, Work, Workability, Dignity

“When you consider joining a company or beginning a business partnership, aligning your values is key.”
— Chuck Bell

Tags: Business, Inspirational, Encouragement

“Working with free mind is better than the one preoccupied with.”
— Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Free Mind, Mind, Preoccupied, Work

“What we think is not always right and the thing which is right, we don’t bother to think.”
Krishnendu Pramanick

Tags: Bother, Right, Thinking


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