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It Did What? Success Secrets to Overcome Challenges


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“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” ― Winston S. Churchill
“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” ― Winston S. Churchill


Many successful people say they have struggled many odds, faced many negative tides, etc., But do they face all those successfully? Are you one among those working hard for success in either in your career business, startups or reaching your goals? Then you need to struggle similarly like them and face all the challenges. Don’t get worried we have Churchill’s success mantra which is applied by many to reach a haven place. He says “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

Have you ever wondered how does a kite fly in the wind? It won’t fly against the wind direction, but it will glide along the wind. Similarly, everyone should encounter hurdles, obstacles on their way to success and they should learn to handle these barriers. It enables them to become stronger and stronger to face future challenges. We need to fight an intense battle to achieve our goals.

We are here for some purpose; we need to find it and use our abilities to improve it within our lifespan. The truth is every living creature does its job; every creature is facing its everyday challenges. Have you ever wondered how does butterfly get the honey? They have to search a large amount of flowers for nectar, travel hundreds of kilometers.

Interestingly seven out of ten butterflies have their wings broken, but how they are doing such an excellent task? They are confident and strong enough to fly with one broken wing too. What lesson do we have? We have many other superb powers when compared to a butterfly, and don’t you think we should be more capable of facing challenges in achieving our goals, than this tiny winged butterfly.

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Cultivate to See New Angle in Obstacles

Do you remember the kite, what happens when a strong wind blows from the east? We change the direction. If then, why not change our perspective to see the obstacles in vivid angles, maybe because of our imperfections. See how it will help you to equip better in the future, reframe new techniques to face them, shift your thinking to identify the cause.

Face the Challenges

Remember butterfly has to fly daily with what it has, so why not understand our limitations and see the guidance of experienced ones. Have you already identified and successful in your path earlier? Why not make them your mentors, take the advice of the coaches, experts or your gurus.

Take a deep breath; think how you can control this presently. Think what can be done to eradicate this problem so it will never appear in the future. If not why can’t you better equip yourself now to face this similar challenge in future? By asking these questions, you will make yourself compatible to face any stumbling block that comes on your way to success. After analyzing take notes before taking decisive action.

Think Critical and Accept Trails

When you develop critical thinking, you can face the situations. Stay focused on the positives instead of negatives. Don’t ever and never give up. And accept the challenges, encounter them boldly, bravely, and importantly maintain a peaceful heart with a smile on your lips. Any great problem can be faced with a smile on your face, as it gives you best mood and the possible ways to think and solve it.


Always learn from mistakes, remember you are working on pyramids, so never forget your path and steps which you already crossed or the challenges you gone through. All of those will help you to build confidence and achieve your goals and ambitions.


Written By: Muppasani Susmitha


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