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The Trick of Being an Intellect: 5 Ways Systematic Education Empowers Us

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”


5 Ways Systematic Education Empowers Us
“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” ― Will Durant


Although from the literary points of view, learning and educating are synonymous words, the reality of these two words often differs by a great degree.

The writer of “The Story of Civilization” and an early socialist, Will Durant succeeded in perceiving a concept which is still hardly recognised in our society of 21st Century.

Education or rather ‘Systematic Education’ without any regard to individual capabilities and recognising the diversity is not just a mere ignorance but an utter waste of resources as well.

There is no doubt that the contribution of the systematic education in the process of shaping young minds is minimal.

But can the tables be turned? Let’s have a look.

What Does Systematic Education Mean?

The fundamental meaning of the systematic education is the conventional or the traditional way of teaching or educating students for generation after generation. However, the term systematic education here caters for a deeper meaning than just a conventional method of studying.

The term ‘systematic instruction’ is officially used in the process of training disabled persons who are unable to make their living on their own. And here lies the irony of systematic education.

In the term of systematic education, the students or the children are considered disabled or impaired from the very start and the conventional way of education is supposed to lighten or ‘fix’ the minds of the youth in the way the society wants or the government wants.

In the process of systematic education, the uniqueness of every student is very carefully ignored and they are being forced fed into the narrative of the well-accepted norms or ideas of good and bad as per the dictation of the society.

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Systematic Education is Imposed Ignorance

As it has been said by Will Durant, the more you dive into the path of systematic education, you can only discover and embrace ignorance and not uniqueness.

The education system that prevails in our society or has been prevailing on this very Earth since the ancient ages, it only carefully buries the seeds of discovery at a very young age and imposes techniques that make us individually disable from catering our own thoughts, ideas and revelations.

Systematic education is imposed ignorance – this statement is not just a prediction but a reality.

5 Tricks of How You Can Turn Around Systematic Education Into Being A Learned

Although it is considered that systematic education is imposed ignorance, with some little tricks, one can easily covert the disadvantages into the contribution of systematic education.

Does that need a total banishment of the prevailing education system? No. It needs careful avoidance and intervention. How? We have detailed guidance here for you.

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1. Start with Your Child

The contribution of systematic education or school education is huge in child development.

Children neither understand nor capable of choosing the type of education for their betterment and it is the duty of the parents to channelise the systematic school education cunningly to better use.

Avoid the rat race and push your child towards learning from the environment. Just do not let your child memorise information and words, let them experience it first.

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2. Pause and Evolve

Not everyone is lucky enough to get the right support at their childhood and it is very likely that most of the children do not realise they are in a rat-hole until later.

If the constant nags of degrees and colleges tire you and push you to the edge of a mental breakdown, take a pause.

Evaluate your situation and your capabilities. Evaluate whether you are pushing towards money or something your soul desires.

The need for money can surely give you a handful of knowledge and stability but it will never make you learned.

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3. Rebel Against the Traditional Approach To Life

Not all traditional thoughts or ways are bad but re-evaluating and rebelling against the age-old traditional approach to life is very important.

It helps you question your systematic education and also gives you a wider perspective on how the conventional education can be changed and to what extent.

Questioning yourself and already established beliefs with the current socio-political background is the key.

4. Thrive for More Practical Knowledge

One of the reasons why it has been said that systematic education is imposed ignorance is the lack of practical knowledge.

In school, we learn about a lot of stuff including history, geography, science but we are seldom being taught about stuffs that we would be practising in our adult life.

The systematic education merely gives us a manual and there’s a little scope as to the practical knowledge of the same. So, if you are reading a theory, apply it.

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5. Don’t Limit Yourself

Last but not the least, do not tame yourself within limits. Once you limit yourself within the boundary of school education, you will be putting yourself in a cage. Ask around and spread your wings away.


The contribution of systematic education holds a steady ground in our lives. School education gives us a route, an aim and a path to follow which is already tested and confirmed.

It might give you a sense of security but following the path of another human being can only produce more and more ignorant who choose to avoid their uniqueness.

Systematic education resembles the mass production of materials where you can only get one type of item if you ever go shopping. It limits the variety and limits the voice.

There’s nothing to be proud of being alike, take pride in being different.



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Subharthi Bhattacharya
Subharthi Bhattacharya
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