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Taking Risks In Life Let You Achieve More

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”


No matter how small or great the thing that you are looking to achieve are, road blocks and bottlenecks are common, these should never be considered as an obstacle towards your journey to success.

Looking to turn a dream into reality and wondering where to start? Irrespective of what the objective is, be passionate and confident. Only those who are ready to take risk will be able to achieve something in life.

Get out of your comfort zone and try things that are risky. Everybody who is successful today has had a phase of life were things were challenging and risky thus “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Taking Risks In Life Let You Achieve More
“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ― Robert F. Kennedy

Higher Risk = Higher Return

Just like the formula, higher risk is equal to risk return, the more you are ready to take risk, the probability of gaining benefits are high. It’s good if you can find obstacles in the early stage of your work, it gives ample time to investigate the issue and find resolution along with meeting your objective.

All those who have been successful till date, has a story of risk that has changed their life altogether. Miracles don’t happen by themselves, it is created with our actions.

Even when all doors look closed, there will be one that is open to fix the problem. It is through continuous patience and perseverance this can be determined.

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Failure is a Stepping Stone

Just like the saying “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”, be ready to dare and challenge yourself. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever does.

Be confident and encouraged to face the challenges that come your way, this will help you to see and think beyond what is normal.

Be smart and confident and take the dare now to make a difference in life. By waiting good things might come to you some day, but with perseverance- it is sure you will reap benefits. Of course, there are chances of you failing in first few attempts but without learning through failure, you cannot be the best.

Set your goals high to help you feel empowered to try hard when failed. Just like a mustard seed that grows to be one of the largest tree, it is not in the size, it all in the effort. Once you achieve your goals, set another one that is more challenging.

Once you start considering challenges as opportunity, every opportunity will be your reward. Do you have a desire to try something new and worried about its outcome, then that is a failure in your life.

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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”, there are many living example right around you to prove this statement is true. Do something today with a slight amount of risk and reach the target.

Once achieved, raise the bars and step into more risky ones. It is important to understand what your limits and capabilities are, never give a chance to others to determine your limits. Also perseverance should never end.

No matter how small or big things are, take it as a challenge and turn every obstacle into an opportunity. Other things that are important are your attitude, mindset, awareness and how courageous you are. Take risk and be challenged to make the difference.

A lot of things around you can contribute to you and motivate but until it comes from within, it is impossible to achieve anything in life. Small or big, take the first step towards success today.


Written By: Ria D’cruz



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