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The 2 Types of Braces: Invisalign & Metal Braces – Comparison

Invisalign vs. Metal Braces


Invisalign & Metal Braces - Comparison


Two of the most common reasons for people to hide their smile is that their teeth are a bit crooked and that despite this, they’re afraid to get traditional braces for a variety of reasons.

Whether it’s the aesthetic of traditional braces or the thought of restricting their diet, or even putting up with the regular maintenance – people want an alternative to braces, and that alternative can be found in Los Angeles Invisalign.

1. Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is an incredibly popular alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign does not use any wires or mouth-irritating metals. Instead, it is a smooth, durable thermoplastic material custom-molded into sets of aligners.

These aligners then snap into place on your teeth, and every two weeks, you will exchange your current aligner for a new one. The aligners will slowly straighten your teeth into their correct positions over time.

Additionally, Invisalign is not something that only your dentist can insert or remove. The aligners are entirely removable and incredibly easy to pop right back into place.

You can easily eat what you like, brush your teeth, and more with Invisalign, whereas both of even those simple tasks were more difficult with traditional braces.

However, it should be noted that most parents will opt for traditional braces because of their immovable nature – children are likely to remove and misplace their Invisalign aligner.

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2. Traditional Braces

While traditional braces may seem old-fashioned when compared to Los Angeles Invisalign, the truth is that there are pros and cons to both systems. Your choice will depend on your needs and preferences, as well as your orthodontist’s recommendations.

Metal braces are recommended for people with very abnormal alignment. Sometimes, patients may even need to get an extra tooth removed to have their teeth realigned. In this case, metal braces are much more customizable and help with extreme smile deformities.

For children, as previously stated, traditional braces are also typically the better option. Patient compliance with these is absolute, as they cannot be removed at home whenever the child doesn’t want to wear them.

If your child has an extreme overbite, maybe from over usage of a baby bottle as a toddler, then metal braces will be recommended by your orthodontist.

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Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

Some people find that traditional braces are typically uncomfortable and may limit your diet since food particles can get stuck between the metal brackets. They are also very obvious to others.

If you are considering braces in the Los Angeles area, Westwood Orthodontics is the #1 Invisalign treatment provider.

Other benefits of Invisalign include:

    • It can be worn for up to 22 hours a day and can be removed so that you can eat and drink comfortably.
    • It can be removed so that you can brush your teeth and floss regularly.
    • They are clear so no one will notice you are wearing aligners.
    • It provides a lower level of pressure on your teeth as they shift back into place.

One thing to keep in mind is that the thermoplastic aligner can discolor similarly to your teeth. If you’re not willing to give up coffee or nicotine entirely to straighten your teeth and improve your overall health, you should at least cut back as much as possible while your teeth are being aligned.

Of course, one of the most powerful arguments for Invisalign over traditional braces is that Invisalign is much more comfortable to wear regularly. Invisalign exerts a much gentler pressure on your teeth during the aligning process than traditional braces do.

There’s no risk of your gums being cut due to the metal of traditional braces, either, as the thermoplastic only rubs gently against your gums during wear.

Los Angeles Invisalign

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Having Your Teeth Straightened with Los Angeles Invisalign

The benefits of wearing Invisalign are irrefutable: you’ll have a healthy, happy smile that will make you feel fantastic. A properly-aligned smile can boost your confidence, help alleviate depression, and more.

Use Los Angeles Invisalign to achieve these results in a cost-friendly, painless, and inconspicuous way!

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