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The Art Of Never Giving Up Despite All The Hurdles In Life


The Art Of Never Giving Up Despite All The Hurdles In Life
“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” ― Dean Karnazes


Never Stop Believing That You Can

When we open our eyes and see the world for the very first time, we find that there is an ongoing process and that is called Society.

We all are running in a rat race, competing with each other and trying to get ahead of others!

Failure is not the end but majority of the people give up way too early before they can even try more number of times. Nobody teaches us the art of never giving up.

When we grow up, our parents send us to the finest school and make us ‘capable’ enough to survive and compete with others.

Most of us are fortunate enough to get everything without asking while others are struggling hard to make it to the top.

Dean Karnazes’s wise words still ring in our head. His words are not just relevant in the sports field but they can also be applied in real life! He tries to convey that we must learn the art of never giving up in life.

“Find what you love and chase it till the end. The road will not be easy and there will be bumps but you must chase your passion with full dedication. You would finally reach where you have to! Just never give up.”
― Anshu Choudhary

The Art of Never Giving Up – How to apply it in Sports and Real Life

Soccer is a wonderful sport! Yes, it requires skills and practice to master this particular sport but it teaches us a lot about life.

When we play soccer, we usually fall and then get up. We fall too many times but we still get up and never give up!

Our coach tells us to get up and join the team. If the player falls and gives up, he would regret the fact that he never tried.

What if he got up and won the match? It is your will to get up and grab the opportunity with both your hands.

Similarly, we must never let one instance or situation shatter us. An ‘F’ grade in the exam or heartbreak does not mean that your life has ended.

Failure is not the end! In fact, we would not even call it failure because these are experiences which teach you the biggest lessons of life.

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The Struggle Shall End

The greatest minds have struggled throughout their lives and it was never easy for them to reach the top. Take out time to sit down with your own parents and hear their stories.

Always remember that with faith and hard work, you can reach where you want to!

It will be a difficult road and you would find that it will not be easy to make it. However, the wait will be worth it!

When you learn the biggest lessons of life, you will learn to walk and then run. Whether it is the sports field or life, you will fall and that is a given!

The key is to get up and fight back. Learn the art of never giving up and you shall reach new heights!


Written By: Anshu Choudhary



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