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The Beautiful Co-Existence of Nature and Science is the Pathway to Successive Tomorrow


“Man masters nature not by force, but by understanding.” ― Jacob Bronowski


Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, and man is the torch bearer on his voyage to newer discoveries on his hunt for knowledge. Since the discoveries of the early cave paintings and the hunting scenes depicted on them, humans inferred that their ancestors had the required mettle to rule nature and be on top of the ecosystem chains.

What we failed to realize was the subtle truth on which the ecosystem was running. It wasn’t our ancestor’s force or mettle that was helping them sustain in the hardships of life; it was the beautiful understanding they had with the tender complexities of nature that they crafted their ways to live in harmony with it and live on a concept of mutual sustenance in mind.


Mother Nature’s Plight

Taking the aforesaid judgment as their guiding light; humans evolved and came to where we are today. With the ever-increasing technologies, infrastructure and scientific advancements, our understanding of nature has declined with quadruple velocity.

Man believes that with all the power of science and technology in his hands, he has finally conquered Mother Nature and stands tall above all; whereas the facts lie in the extinction of over a thousand different species of living beings with only the human race sustaining, growing and advancing, while the other flora and fauna are perishing. These human mal-practices have ended up destroying the sensitivity and richness of Mother Nature’s heritage as well.

On one hand, the one of its kind ‘Great Barrier Coral Reef’ is losing its charm and dying away due to the pollutants released in the ocean water; whereas on the other hand the ice sheets and glaciers are melting due to the global warming, slowly pushing the life on the planet earth to its end.

Respecting Mother Nature Above All

Joseph de Maistre quotes:

“Man in harmony with his creator is sublime, and his action is creative; equally, once he separates himself from God and acts alone, he doesn’t cease to be powerful, since this is the privilege of his nature, but his acts are negative and only leads to destruction.”

The state of affairs is alarming; this nonsensical emotion of ruling nature by force has got to be replaced by a deep understanding and development of a mutually sustaining approach with nature. Environmental stewardship should priory become a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ concept.

Companies, institutions, and individuals should keep the motive of understanding, sustaining and respecting Mother Nature above their selfish interests of profits and gains.

Roles of Every Individual

It is but obvious that each institution has a different role, a different incentive to do what needs to be done; but on an individual level it is the need of the hour to realize and develop a holistic understanding of nature that how intricate and yet simple it is in its ways of running and maintaining a balance between humans and all other living forms.


Earth is our only home, and by not taking care of it, we are ultimately making ourselves homeless. A man has become the most superior race on planet earth and it is something we have earned and should be proud of. But with great success comes even greater responsibilities; after all, where will all the profits, vices and achievements go once we kill everything around us?

Once we destroy our only home and do not even leave the air breathable around us anymore! So, let us wake up tomorrow, to a new day, with a new found understanding of nature and stop trying to rule it by force.


Written By: Somdutta Das


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