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The Girl’s On Fire Recreating History — Aditi Ashok, The First Indian Golfer Qualified For Rio Olympic 2016


It does not matter of surprise that India does not let every sports field grow at the same pace. Where everyone is crazed about the Cricket World Cup or IPL, no one really cares whether other sports exist or not; especially if that sport involves women. So, it is quite natural that people would not have known about the rising star of India, Aditi Ashok. The 20 years old girl is not only firing out bullets from her Golf-stick but also making India proud. And it has already started in 2016. Let us give a head out.

Aditi Ashok — Indian Professional Golfer

The Early Years of the 20 Years Old Girl

Well, you might think that the age of 20 is something of an early age, isn’t it? Not always! Especially for someone who reaches out to the golf-stick just when she is just in the elementary school.

Born on 29th March 1998, the daughter of Pandit Gudlamani Ashok. Aditi Ashok raised up by her parents in the city of Bangalore. She started her school at Frank Anthony Public of Bangalore and graduated in the year of 2016. As her father was a golfer, Aditi held the huge golf stick with her little hands when she was only five years old. And that journey continues to be a historical journey for India.

Aditi Ashok ― The First Indian Golfer Qualified For Rio Olympic 2016

The First Indian Golfer to Participate in Rio Olympic 2016

Aditi started her professional life of being a golfer from the year of 2016. Not only did she become the first and the youngest one to achieve Olympic 2016, but she also made lots of first in her first year of professionalism as well. She won the Lalla Aicha Tour School and secured her place for the Ladies European Tour card. Not only that but she also won the Q School for an international tour as well.

Aditi Ashok ― The Youngest and First Indian Woman to win the Ladies European Tour’s Lalla Aicha Tour School

It is quite a revelation for Aditi to win all these tournaments just at the first year of her profession, isn’t it? And she just did not stop there. She won 2016 Hero Women’s Indian Open and smashed her opponent with a 3 under-par-213. And just after two whole weeks, she won Qatar Ladies Open. As a cherry on the top of a cake, she won the Rookie of the Year of 2016 too.

But the big turn of the events in 2016 was her participation as a golfer in the Rio Olympic 2016. Just at the age of 19, she represented Indian in a sports field which has not been discovered yet by the Indians. Also, she ranked 462 in the world. In her own words,

“Well, I didn’t expect to be there obviously. I just tried to follow my game plan and do my best every day, and now I’m up there, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend.”

Before Olympics, she participated in Asian Youth Games of 2013, Youth Olympic Games of 2014 and Asian Games of 2014. It does not matter whether she won or lost, her representation alone made the name of India proud.

Aiming For Higher — Aditi Ashok, an Inspiration of Young Indian Golfers

After a ‘Rookie’ year of 2016, 2017 has been a great year for Aditi as well. She participated in U.S. Women’s Open, ANA Inspiration, Women’s PGA C’Ship, Women’s British Open and Evian Championship. In a country where only 1 in every 10,000 people plays golf, Aditi Ashok’s achievement is quite a revelation itself. After 2016’s Olympic, Aditi is looking forward to 2020’s Olympic.

Indian Golfer Aditi Ashok


The Golf section of India is not at all developed. Currently, Indian only has 200 golf courses and a few experienced mentors to coach golf. And Aditi Ashok is that diamond who crossed every such obstacle with her golf-stick and made it to the Olympic. All the very best to her!


Written By: Subharthi Bhattacharya


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