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The Inspiring Story of Harshini Kanhekar – The First Woman Firefighter in India


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Kind Heart, Fierce Mind and Brave Spirit – This defines the first fire woman of India. Today, the article is all about a 37 year old woman, who has changed perceptions. She is not scared of fire and she plays with fire like a Pro. In a country where women are worshipped but tortured behind the doors, Harshini Kanhekar is an inspiration. She is the first woman firefighter in the history of India. Why not? If women can reach the moon, they can play with real fire too.

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As a young girl, she always dreamt of joining the armed forces. She studied in a girl school in the city of Nagpur. Did she ever imagine playing with fire? She was not a bright student in school and she admitted it wholeheartedly. However, she was always up for extra-curricular activities. Some people are born to do greater things like saving lives and changing perceptions. Harshini Kanhekar is one of those women, who inspire us to chase our dreams and be fearless.

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It may seem like a simple job but it is not. It requires a lot of strength to hold the fire hose and save lives. She completed her Bachelors in Science from Lady Amritabai Daga College and she realized she wanted a change. She joined the National Cadet Corps during her college days and started taking part in various competitions. She dreamt of wearing the uniform and making sense of her life. After finishing her graduation, she joined the MBA course but she realized that it was not her calling. She wanted to wear a uniform and so, she took a chance and applied to the Fire engineering course. She did not have any idea that she would get a call for selection. Harshini is the first woman to have got admission in National Fire Service College in Nagpur. It was a historic and proud moment for her parents!

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We see women as weak and delicate. Do note that women carry a child in their womb for nine months and that is something a man cannot think of doing. It requires a lot of patience and courage to bear a child. A woman gives up her entire life to take care of her new family. It is untrue that women are weak because it is a woman, who sacrifices her whole life. This story is not about sacrifices of women. This is to inspire all the women out there, who give up their big dreams.

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Harshini is an inspiration for all the women in India and she will never be forgotten. At the age of 37, women are told to stay home and look after children and the daily chores. There is no harm in that! However, that should not stop you from dreaming big and chasing your dreams. Harshini is a beautiful lady and she has inspired many women. She is the first women to become a firefighter in India. After studying in a girl’s school, she joined an all-boy college which was not an easy task for her. She has done it and the country is extremely proud of her. What’s your dream?


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Written By: Anshu Choudhary


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