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The Path to Freedom – The Blossoming of Dreams


The Path to Freedom – The Blossoming of Dreams
“Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires.” ― Bertrand Russell


The word Freedom has and is used in many contexts today. It can be technically defined as the absence of undue restrictions and the liberty to exercise one’s rights and powers.

A layman would perceive freedom as not being confined by anyone or anything and at the same time having the opportunity to fulfill one’s dreams and desires.

One would sensibly think that if they have free and unrestrained access to their desires, they have freedom! But, how can one embark on this path to freedom to accomplish their desires?

A Yearning to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Having desires alone is not going to get you anywhere. You need to have a high level of aspiration in order to turn that dream into a reality. Being a passive observer to your dreams is only going to leave you with regrets years down the line. So take charge of your life, and only then you will feel liberated.

Societal Obstacles

Taking the context of our own country into consideration, we know that even now many people in rural areas know very little beyond their small world. Living in a patriarchal system, girls seldom realize that they can dream as high as the sky.

Bound by societal expectations and narrow minded rigidities, they fail to realize they can achieve much more outside their small world. This would ideally show how a person’s freedom is restricted by obstacles.

Breaking these shackles of society and finding the path to freedom, emerging out to realize their desires might seem quite impossible to them.

The Freedom Struggle

As Indians, we all are familiar with the great freedom struggle our country went through. The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who led the freedom struggle, knew the essence of the liberty our country required to grow from the British rule. He was one person, who due to his love for our country, realized that even a country like India had dreams and desires that needed to be identified. He was convinced that the growth of this great nation would only be possible by getting rid of the obstacles that remained as barriers in the country’s progress.

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The Path to Freedom – A Reality?

Can achieving freedom be a reality? If so, what are the means to the end? Looking at today’s scenario, one can see the right to freedom curbed in many contexts. Living in a competitive world, a growing child will meet with a truckload of expectations and rules as to what and how they should achieve success in life.

The Indian mentality of choosing a predefined career, like being an engineer or a doctor, has been stamped and sealed on a person as early as when they are born. This Indian outlook has changed very little even after societies have progressed so far.

What Happens if Desires are Curbed?

Everyone has dreams. Sometimes, parental expectations pose as obstacles to the realization of these desires. When this happens, things can go terribly wrong. We have heard about many incidents where students decided to take their own lives because of how their parents wanted to realize their own dreams through their kids.

Today, kids are put under undue pressure, both from parents as well as the educational system, to grow up in a certain way. And, people who manage to break these barriers are termed to be eccentric. This is what we need to tackle. We need to realize that maybe being a bit eccentric is their path to freedom.


Do you have a dream that you need to achieve? Do you think it’s going to be exhilarating once you achieve it? If so, then it is time to tackle the obstacles you will face bravely. Go after your dreams. This is the path to freedom that you have been waiting for. You only have one life. Make it count!


Written By: Mathews Regi


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